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Three-letter words

No, I’m not talking about four-letter words less one; neither do I want to swear nor have I lost my ability to count Inspired by a friend’s stenographic travel message: EDI – LHR – WAW the other day, I started … Continue reading

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If that isn’t arrogance and clinging to power…

A wave of protests against regimes have swelled in the Middle East and swept towards personal freedom and democracy. Young people, dreaming of having the same liberties as they see young people everywhere else, have left the old-fashioned die-hard rulers … Continue reading

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Psychedelic sky

There is a liquid sky all over the world Tonight it comes for your body It comes to set your soul alight Sort Sol, Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

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The risk of being homeless – h2g2’s BBC home to be closed

A confession that may be startling to some: I have had a virtual home for more than 10 years. A home that is like some of these artists’ homes you read about in novels – with all sorts of people … Continue reading

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Now, that’s what I call a monitor setup. Image links to the article on from where I’ve gleaned it…

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