Monday Motorway Music™, August 29 – Normality Restored. For now.

2016-08-27 15.42.12

A calming photo from nature. What can be nicer, more relaxing and normal?🙂

One possible answer: Anything but last week and the three weeks to come😉

Last week, I had an online meeting Monday morning – and 9 hours later, I sat in a plane to France. Sudden customer meeting needed. So off to Nantes I went – where it was 37°C – and hence, I didn’t get around to updating here.

After that bit, the rest of the week’s work compressed into half of it – so it was nice to go to Sweden in the weekend, in the (in-law) family’s cabin. Even if we were there to be practical.

Next three weeks: Three work trips. First, the US (Michigan), then Poland and finally Germany (Munich) with a short side trip just across the border to Austria and then home via the Netherlands.

And I am sure that the Travel Norns will think of other places to fling me to after that.

Solid Rock – Dire Straits
Runaround Sue – Dion & The Belmonds
Hit That Jive Jack – Diana Krall
Coco – Miss B. Haven
Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks
Lady Marmalade – Patti Labelle

Photo by me.
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Cobblestone Cooking Music XXVIII – Summer Soul and Sides

2016-08-21 18.00.45

Spotify (yep, the fourth “S” – the alliterate me is happy!) this Sunday (!) offered a playlist full of soul – and basically, it’s been my go-to all day. From breakfast preparation and through to dinner.

  • Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing
  • Anita Baker, Sweet Love

The dinner today will be barbecued loin of veal – done with a mortar-mix of salt, garlic and thyme on top. Should be yummy. Just came off the bbq and is now resting🙂

  • The Islay Brothers, Between The Sheets*
  • George Duke, Say You Will

* I swear, I did not intend a <ahem> theme to the music…😉

The two sides are certainly from my list of favourites in the summer. First side: classical Danish cold potato salad.

Boil potatoes in good time (tip: plan them as leftovers) and let them get cold.

  • Commodores, Nightshift
  • George Benson, Give Me The Night

Make a dressing of a good mayonnaise (yeah, you can do your own – but I’m too lazy and default to Hellman’s) and creme fraiche or yoghurt approx. half and half with a bit of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Mix in the potatoes, cut in mouth-size pieces and add similar sized chunks of cucumber and tomatoes. Sprinkle with chives. Keep cold until serving time.

  • Isley, Jasper, Isley, Caravan Of Love
  • Teddy Pendergrass, Love T.K.O.

Second: tomato/watermelon. Fresh with a bit of a bite.

Cut a reasonable amount of watermelon in, again, bite size chunks. Seedless is a bit easier… Similarly, cut about the same volume of tomatoes in bites. Add rather finely chopped red onion and really thinly sliced (or half slices, if it’s a big one) garlic. Toss with a vinaigrette – today, I used olive oil & condimento bianco (grape must & white vinegar) but a balsamico also works well.

  • 2016-08-21 18.22.16Randy Crawford, One Day I’ll Fly Away
  • Earth, Wind & Fire, After The Love Has Gone

By the way – that veal? Mrrrumph! (that is a satisfied sound!) Very tender, very tasty, went very well with the sides – and to top it all off, we could sit and have our summer dinner on the back garden terrace.

Hey – sometimes life is just good to you and then you’d better enjoy it.

  • Dennis Edwards, Don’t Look Any Further

Happy cooking!

Photos by me.
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The Way It Is Here


Raindrops on windows
Yet, sun in the evening sky
That Danish summer…

Photo by me.
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Monday Motorway Music™, August 15 – Those Other German Cars

2016-07-30 06.16.03


The photo is, once again, utterly unrelated to anything else in this post – it is a sunrise as shot from a long-distance bus somewhere near to the Switzerland-France-Germany border triangle during my summer vacation.

It was also morning this morning. “No sh**, Sherlock”, I seem to hear you say – but the point is that a few other drivers made it much less of a serene experience. So being morning was the major part these two different mornings had in common.

I have previously ranted about BMWs. This morning, the prize went to the Audi team. First and foremost to the guy who started out zooming past me with 70+ km/h in a 50-zone. Of course, he was impatiently waiting at the next red light, a few hundred meters further down.

Because I didn’t have to stop there due to execllent timing (*smug smile*), I passed him – right until he accelerated on the inside of me, cut out in front of me because a lorry took up his lane – and promptly had to brake in front of me because the light he couldn’t see for the lorry was red.

What the – and sorry about not using asterisks this time – actual fuck?

A piece of advice or two and a useful piece of information, mister Bad Driver:

  • That sort of driving is what actually gets people killed in traffic (yeah, you were likely doing 75, when you illegally overtook on the inside)
  • That sort of driving can be completely avoided by getting up in time in the morning – or, if you will, by learning to be too late
  • Your car has four rings on it. The Olympic Games sports five. And, by the way, do not include motorsports. So just drop it, ok?

More Than A Woman – Angie Stone
When I Kissed the Teacher – ABBA
Where Blue Begins – Sanne Salomonsen
Killing Me Softly – The Fugees
MĂĽnestrĂĽle – Sinne Eeg
After the Love Has Gone – Earth, Wind & Fire
Kloden drejer stille rundt – Gasolin’
The Windmills of Your Mind – Sinne Eeg
Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
The Boy From Ipanema – Diana Krall

Photo by me.
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Tuesday Motorway Music™, August 9 – Thinking About Scarcity

Billede 03-08-2016 10.54.57

Came back to work yesterday after three lovely weeks of vacation. In fact, my mind had relaxed to a point where I couldn’t recall my passport number when I needed it at some point – something that normally never, ever happens😉

The photo above is from a glacier in the Swiss Alps – one we were fortunate to walk down. Achievement unlocked: being on and crossing a glacier!

But – as you can see, it is not quite the solid block of ice anymore. Walking on it felt more like softice – very soft and thawing snow. (Which also meant that I made Bambi on ice look like a ice-skating pro – man, I slid and slipped and tumbled around in it…)

And that is the status of glaciers in many places. Ever shrinking, ever more scarce.

That thought made me think of rhinos. Same problem, just in a different way. They’re not melting, they’re killed in too big numbers for sustainability due to especially Chinese people’s stupidity.

I’ve been lucky to experience these two ever more scarce phenomena. If you’d like to – start planning. Don’t wait for retirement or whatever – if you can, then go!

(And yes, that is, at the bottom of it, a sad story…)

Shout Now – Melissa Etheridge
Car Wash – Rose Royce
The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd
Guns And People – Eric Serra
You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King
Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Gloria Gaynor
5 Minutes Past Loneliness – The Sandmen – City Boy

Photo by me.
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La vie en…

Update: this needed a song. This one song, obviously. Ok, the setting and the start of the video is a little awkward and kitschy, but the camera work is actually quite good. To quote Irene Adler in Sherlock/A Scandal in Belgravia: “Look at those cheekbones. I could cut myself slapping that face. Would you like me to try?”

Grace Jones: La Vie en Rose

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Monday Motorway Music™, July 18 – On Roads Far, Far Away

Billede 13-07-2016 13.17.31
You’re absolutely right, the above is not a road. It’s a waterway😉 More precisely Øresund (the sound between Denmark and Sweden) with the Island of Hven in the middle-ish, the mainland of Sweden under the wing, Denmark curving out to the top left and, a little hard to see on the picture, the city of Helsinore way out in the background.

But it’s the only travel picture I have with some status of being current – even if, as this posts, the family’s done a runner and are high-lifing on the roads in Europe. Friends have taken over the looking after house and garden – it’s vacation time!

In other words: do not expect much here until sometime early August.

Far, Far Away – Slade
Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio
Stairway to Heaven – Heart
Don’t Stand So Close To Me – Police

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Monday Airport Music™ July 11 – Treating Customers Alright

This was thought as a resume post for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. But the little “gem” above sort of changed that.

Dear easyJet – apart from the odd capitalisation of your name, stating that boarding gate opening and closing times are unaffected by a delay only serves to have your customers hanging around at an empty gate.

At the very least, you should act accordingly – that is, have the gate manned to the original schedule of which you say that nothing’s changed.

Oh, but that keeps your people busy? Well, they could be busy answering questions or generally being helpful. But maybe we didn’t pay for that…

Love Me Two Times – Joan Jett
Det er ikke det du siger – Anne Linnet Band
I Love The Nightlife – Alicia Bridges
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Annie Lennox

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Monday Motorway Music™, July 4 – Jazz Time Again

Not the best of shots, but we did have front seats in comfortable chairs!

Not the best of shots, but we did have front seats in comfortable chairs! Yes, that’s my foot🙂

We got started on this year’s Copenhagen Jazz Festival yesterday – with what you probably could call a Sunday matinee.  Started at 3pm – or “A quarter past breakfast, jazz time” as it says on the sleeve notes of one of the Diana Krall albums. On was Danish singer Sidsel Storm with an accompanying quartet (making it, actually, a quintet…), musicians that she has played with a lot. And you can surely hear that!

I wrote last year about the quality of musicians typically found on jazz stages – and actually had to look that post up and check the photo. Yep, same drummer. Snorre Kirk, he’s called – and man, he’s sharp. Absolutely a guy who plays rather than hits the drums. And now I will of course have to make up my mind whether I find Snorre Kirk or my usual favourite drummer, Morten Lund, to be top of the heap. I haven’t actually got Morten Lund on my shortlist for concerts this year – may have to look into that!

Also, Magnus Hjorth (p), Jesper Thorn (b) and Tobias Wiklund (flgn) all absolutely deserved praise and were a joy to listen to. I don’t know what it is with flugelhorns – they just suit me better than trumpets🙂

But an absolutely agreeable afternoon in central Copenhagen, luckily moved indoor – the showers that came down while we were there were just about violent and even included pelting hail at some points.

So, in the kitchen this morning while doing breakfast, I was listening to Sidsel Storm on Spotify (yay, Premium subscription on the Sonos!). That didn’t go in the car, though –

Comfortably Numb (live) – Pink Floyd
I Can Hear Your Heart Beat – Chris Rea
Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed – Matt Bianco
Dark Eyes – Donny Monro
Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band

Photo by me.
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Monday Motorway Music™, June 27 – Kiss From A Rose

2016-06-21 17.50.58_800x600

It is summer – and typical Danish summer weather after a very warm period earlier: 20ish degrees C, some sun, some clouds, some rain now and then.

But the roses are full at it – and their perfume fills the garden. And the bedroom – as one of the big roses climb up the end of the house and more or less covers the bedroom windows in greenery and orange roses. Lovely when the sun shines on them in the morning.

But – nevertheless, the music list does not feature Seal…

Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Call Me – Blondie
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister
Miss America – Styx
Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Photos by me.
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