Summer Sweetness Lingering


Sweet evening air
Summer tries to persist though
Light’s slowly dying

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Oh, by the way…

18-08-2015 17-10-01

Thanks an awful lot! Means a lot for a hopelessly irregular and somewhat inconsistent blog writer :)

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Cobblestones in Kyiv

European Square (next to the Independence Square – both known as centres of the EuroMaidan)

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“Monday” Motorway Music™, August 17 – Gone Flying

2015-08-17 13.05.27


The Kiev Monastery of the Caves (Kyiv Pechersk Lavra), I believe – as snapped quite badly from a car going from KBP to the Kosmopolit hotel in Kiev, Ukraine. What I actually tried to snap a photo of, was the Motherland Monument – apparently, I missed…

Because that is where this Monday has taken me :)

Two flights got me here – as there are no direct flights between Denmark and the Ukraine, I flew via Vienna.

But with the exception of a bit of very low-level music in the taxi to the airport, no music to list today…. but two (inspired by the flights):

Vienna – Infernal
Vienna – Ultravox

Photo by me.
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“Monday” Motorway Music™, August 11 – Back in the Whirlwind



So, I started after my three-week vacation yesterday – and also, actually, started on this. Cross my heart.

But the work calendar was a little on the hectic side – in fact, I had a morning meeting and a most-of-the-day meeting that overlapped by half an hour and were located at two different sites, 35 km apart. You get the picture – we’re back at full speed ahead.

And in the evening, when I guess I could have sat down and finished this? Well, something as mundane as ironing shirts. And then I ended up in front of Adobe Bridge putting the nice touches on a lot of holiday photos and deleting even more. It’s always the shots you don’t take, y’know…

And so, here is a 6-bridge photo from Venice, marking our current record for most bridges in one view. And a few ship and sunset shots below from our cruise trip.

Hope you’re all having or have had wonderful vacations.


Photos by me.
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Plane in evening sky


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By night.

The handshake when we left –
A pleasant goodbye.
But to me, a hopeful welcome lingered afterwards.

The people going quietly home –
Was I going with them, alongside with them
Or contemplating why we walked in opposite directions?

To some, the shadows hide things
and the darkness covers like a cloak
Whereas to others, shadows beckon
and there are promises down the alleys of dark.

Lights fade and senses awake.
Darkness seeps in and restless joy stirs.
Creatures of the night smile when they sense that I am there
and let me know that they know that I am like them.

One of theirs.

And I look behind me when I walk with the others.
And wonder if I am walking in the right direction.

– – – – –

Edited for line breaks. The one thing that I cannot get straight in WordPress on the iPad…

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Monday Motorway Music™, July 20 – Closed for Summer


2015-07-13 09.52.29


Do not expect to hear much on this side of August 10… :)

Vacation – The Go-Go’s
Summertime – Cæcilie Norby
Boys (Summertime Love) – Sabrina
In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry
Summer in the Schoolyard – City Boy
Hot Summer Night – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
Walking on Sunshine – Katrine and the Waves
Summer Rain – Whitesnake
Sunshine Reggae – Laid Back

… I guess you get the point :)

Photo by me.
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Did Feel Like Dancing


All I wanted was to dance

Not the oblivion kind of dance
Where you drown in the rhythm
And sing the songs
And forget all about the day and the days before that
And those following

Not the sweet hunting kind of dance
Where both dancers know what they’re after
In a voulez-vous kind of way
And everything is so cool and calculated

Or the dancing quite alone
Whether cool enough
Or desperate enough

No, just the delightful kind of dance
The sharing kind of dance
The one where the hands always meet
Where they’re supposed to meet
Where the dance makes the smile impossible to suppress
Not the dance to end love
Or even to begin love

No, all I wanted was just to dance
With you

And maybe I never may

– – – – – – – – – –

PS: A bit of the soundtrack that rumbled around and came out as this –

Dancing On My Own – Robyn
Voulez-Vous – ABBA
Dance Me To The End Of Love – Leonard Cohen
Let’s Face The Music And Dance – Diana Krall
(and with apologies for the title to Scissor Sisters)

Photo adapted from original by Cecilia Heinen on flickr
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Monday Motorway Music™, July 13 – Going Gaga Over All That Jazz…

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Tivoli, Copenhagen, July 8

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Tivoli, Copenhagen, July 8

As mentioned last week, I didn’t get to the Roskilde Festival this year. But – there is always next year – and of course, there was the Copenhagen Jazz Festival :)

6 concerts we managed altogether this year – you saw the picture from Malene Kjærgård Group’s very warm Sunday performance a week ago. Funnily enough, when we were at Danish singer Sinne Eeg‘s concert yesterday, Malene Kjærgård was in the audience and we got to have a wee chat with her about last week’s concert and jazz as such. Copenhagen’s like that – quite easy and laid back.

A trio of girls singing Andrews Sisters, Danish singer Katrine Madsen with a big band, Delta Blues Band – a venerable blues band (that I heard live when I was in high school!) and then, of course, the fabulous Tony Bennett and Lada Gaga duo. Man…!

Lady Gaga and some of her musicians had gone paiting the town – and ended up at La Fontaine, long, long-standing renowned jazz club in Copenhagen. And, of course, ended up performing. Here’s a clip of a casually dressed Lady Gaga singing La Vie en Rose.

And no – by that time, we were safely tucked in bed. Workday the next day, y’know…

And, by the way, the Lady also liked her Copenhagen audience…

It was a good Jazz Festival!

And while I have been – much – on the motorway today, the music I’ll leave for you to look up for yourself. Here a a few choices – all available on Spotify:

Down on West Fuxing Lu – Sinne Eeg
Let’s Face the Music and Dance – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
(the whole Cheek to Cheek album, in fact)
Rhode Island Is Famous For You – Malene Kjærgård

Photos by me.
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