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Still thinking back on last week

It was marvellous to be with 37,000 scouts. Here are two evening quietness pictures – just to keep the emotions of the camp lingering a wee bit more… Photo credit: Tim Riediger.

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Tuesday Bicycle Music™, July 17 – what’s up with this guy’s calendar?

I once did read the key piece of advice for blogging: If you do decide to post on some kind of schedule, stick to it come hell or high water. And yet, my Fridays seem to be all over the … Continue reading

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Cobblestone Flight Review – CPH-IST-CPH and IST-ADB-IST; Turkish Airlines

I have to start by saying that booking this flight invoked a need for defending my decision – a series of articles in Danish newspapers about Turkish Airlines’ safety record – or lack thereof – didn’t instil confidence with my … Continue reading

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Friday Motorway Music™, July 6 – Friday I’m In Love … with live music

I’m not schizophrenic – and neither am I… (and thanks to my daughter for that clever pun!) But somehow I am running two different instances of myself this Friday. See, I am at work and analysing, numbers, planning for product … Continue reading

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On thinking critically – or not

Image from The Far Left Side. At work, some years ago, we had a very interesting session where a consultant from our travel agency came to give an entertaining – but first and foremost informative – talk on cultural differences. … Continue reading

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