Friday Motorway Music™, July 6 – Friday I’m In Love … with live music

I’m not schizophrenic – and neither am I… (and thanks to my daughter for that clever pun!) But somehow I am running two different instances of myself this Friday. See, I am at work and analysing, numbers, planning for product portfolios, training a sales colleague, writing Emails and all that.

But around my left wrist I also have the entrance armband for the 2012 Roskilde Festival… So somewhere inside there is a music lover jumping up and down and thoroughly enjoying feeling the thump of the bass and the bass drum.

My dear wife presented me with two tickets for my birthday earlier this year – and so we went yesterday for the opening day and pitched a tent in a space that wasn’t quite there, but it stands so that is good. And then went down and heard The Cure.

Great concert! Clearly Robert Smith and the band enjoyed what they did and did well. And they played for three hours which was a surprise – that sort of marathon is usually something you’d expect from Bruce Springsteen.

Oh, talking about Springsteen – he’s up Saturday night 🙂

Ideas for today include Gossip, I Got You On Tape and Jack White.

Be seeing you …

Image: Own photo, The Cure on Orange Stage, 2012.07.05
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