CCM – Cooking and Music

At this time, after having just done the 4th installment of this over the weekend, maybe I ought to explain what on Earth is the meaning with that thing. I mean – haphazard images, not quite a list of ingredients, half-baked comments on how to do something…?

Hm. Two things – and let’s take the second one first: It might evolve, may become more comment, less cookbook. Or , indeed, the other way around. That will depend a little on what I feel like doing as I go along – and, potentially, a lot on what (if any) comments I get.

But the first comment is that it actually goes pretty much along with how I like to do things in the kitchen. By no means a very skilled cook, I have picked up a decent amount of technique and knowledge over the years and am still eagerly learning! And one chef that has inspired me quite a bit is Danish Henrik Boserup. In one of his first books, he makes the point that cookbooks are great reading (from memory, possibly paraphrasing) “in the living room, on the toilet, in the bedroom lying across your loved one – anywhere but in the kitchen”.

The point in that is to let your senses be your guide in the kitchen. Read, study, put together the ideas – and then move to the kitchen to transfer them into real life.

I shall be honest and say that I’m not quite there – it does require quite some skill and experience. But I’m working on it. And, slowly, I find myself standing in a supermarket, going – “hey, that thing there – I could take that and…”

That’s nice! So this is the sense that I try to convey – along with an eclectic mix of the music that always (as in always) play when I cook. Or do most anything else, come to think of it. As essential as breathing – or, as Runrig puts it: “Simple as breathing, easy as air.”

PS: I am considering making a list here of the postings and link in the recipes, if any, behind the food. One caveat is that I will have to translate a lot – and I am not fond of translating. Let’s see…

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