Tuesday Bicycle Music™, July 17 – what’s up with this guy’s calendar?

I once did read the key piece of advice for blogging: If you do decide to post on some kind of schedule, stick to it come hell or high water. And yet, my Fridays seem to be all over the place, don’t they? This one, for instance, happens on a Tuesday and resembles a Friday so little that even the post title caved in and admitted it…

Oh well, this is probably my extent of living a rebellious life. Go me 😉

Actually, Motorway Music™ is temporarily off the air as our own car has been lent out to family for their vacation on four wheels to France. And while we have borrowed their car in return, it isn’t equipped with the same kind of music integration that makes for music along my wants in the mornings. Yes, there is a radio – but I haven’t really struck gold on stations so far.

By the way, next week is completely off the air on this blog – big scouting thing happening and what blogging I may be doing will be from there and with the scouts’ parents as the main audience so that they can follow their “wee ones” a little bit.

So any music lists this week would have to be a bicycle one. And today was this week’s best bet for bicycling as Thursday, the other possibility, has an indecent weather forecast. Yeah, I’m a scout and an outdoor person and I am in possession of good rain gear – and no, I do not favour 18 km in rain in the morning.

Not having been on the bike for a couple of weeks due to rock festivaling and what have you apparently did not harm too much – I actually shaved off 1:20 min of my fastest time to work this morning 🙂

And this is some of the music that made that happen:

Perfect World – Gossip (tribute to my Roskilde Festival experiences)
C’mon, C’mon – The Coors
Lucky – Melissa Etheridge
Drenge som mig – Johnny Deluxe
Engang til – Sneakers
Ring My Bell – Anita Ward
Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
Boogie Shoes – KC & the Sunshine Band
Killing Me Softly – The Fugees (those last four songs made a decent interval training set)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Nubian Fräuleins (The Horn! carried me up a hill nicely)
Can’t Hide  Love – Earth, Wind & Fire

Image courtesy of DafneCholet on Flickr
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