Happy New Year!


Thanks for hanging out around here. And the best wishes for a joyful 2018.

Image courtesy of Marco Verch on Flickr
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A Small Hiatus – And A Merry Christmas!

’tis Christmas. Well … actually only almost. As the candle indicates, it is what we call “Little Christmas Day” here, the 23rd of December. So proper Christmas, in these parts, is actually not until tomorrow.

But I am home, the Christmas tree got done up yesterday, it’s quiet and the cooking for tomorrow night has begun. So – it is Christmas time. At least if you’re somewhere where Christmas is Christmas.

I am – so a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Or Happy Holidays. Or a very pleasant weekend. Or whatever friendly and joyful greeting that will work for you 🙂

And because it is all of that, I will be going exactly nowhere on Monday. I’ll be here, with my family, doing nothing more strenous than relaxing, enjoying a quiet Christmas day, eating slightly too much and generally being content.

And I wish for all of you that you’ll be able to do as much of the same as you’d like.

Thanks for hanging around.

Photo by me.
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Monday Motorway Music™, December 18 – More Traditional Stuff

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One of the nice traditions for us in December is to go to the Tivoli Gardens in (very) central Copenhagen. The lights are pretty also in the Danish summer nights – but, to me, especially so around Christmas.

Very likely a part of that extra prettiness is the need for light in the very dark Danish winter – as said two weeks ago, the days are only about 7 hours long now. Man, that’s a lot of dark hours… 😉

And yes – two weeks since last Monday. At least last Monday as defined by posting here. Last week, my Monday was in Michigan – and while I did hold my own in the business meetings there during the day, from an energy point of view, there wasn’t anything left for blogging.

It had been a long weekend – company Christmas do (as usual, a magnificent party) Friday night – in bed by 2 am Saturday. A 50 years Birthday do for a dear friend on Saturday – home about 1 am Sunday. And then, the same Sunday, a flight to Chicago at 3:40 pm – that ended with us, after delays, hitting our hotel rooms in Michigan at something like 6:30 am Monday morning Danish time.

Let’s just say I was a little behind on my sleeping…!

Beautiful Ones – Suede
Because the Night – Patti Smith Group
Get a Job – Gossip
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? – Culture Club

Photos by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, December 4 – It’s Traditions Time of Year

And the first of my time-of-the-year traditions rolled by this past weekend – the annual Christmas weekend with the scouts. We had a weekend with (largely) brilliant weather – if cold. The photo above is a good view from the forest out to the early Saturday morning light.

And it was good to see sunlight – with still a couple of weeks to go to Winter Solstice, where the day is only 7 hours long, it is getting rather dark around here. So every ray counts!

While it undeniably is pretty, the moon doesn’t quite serve the same receptors. On Friday night, we ran an adventure scouting race with the scouts – and of course we were manning various posts. In the waiting time at post 5 until the patrols started coming through, I had plenty of time to enjoy a spectacular moonlit night sky with Orion, my favourite constellation, displayed optimally. And yes, it was cold – a couple of degrees below freezing – but there was no wind and I was actually well dressed* for the occasion, so all was well.

(*dressing well here meant layers: merino wool as base layers, my RAB down jacket, Fjällräven trousers, and North Face Gore-Tex Pro Shell as the shell jacket and trousers. Plus my spiffing new Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots – replacements for the worn-out ones that a.o. carried me to the top of Kilimanjaro. )

The music for today and the week is slowly turning to the more and more danceable – the big company do for Christmas is on Friday, so the moves need to be mentally trained 😉

Take On Me – A-ha
Horny ’98 – Mousse T. vs Hot ’n’ Juicy
I Got You Babe – UB40 feat. Chrissie Hynde
Voulez-Vous – ABBA

Photo by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, November 27 – All Those Mondays Gone By

I almost can’t recall when I have had a regular, all-day workday in the office on a Monday. And you know what? I’m not really having one today, either…

Had a Skype call with the other side of the world this morning – took that from home as it makes logistics a little more relaxed. Read: makes me avoid the morning traffic. And I’ll leave the office again late morning as I’m due for lunch and an afternoon meeting in Central Copenhagen.

Tomorrow, then? Well – another, even earlier, Skype call. And then I need to throw things in a bag and take off for Casablanca, Morocco.

Which almost coincides with the 75th anniversary of the movie – I even had friends who threw a cocktail party for the occasion in this past weekend (sadly, I couldn’t participate).

I’ll see if I can find a gin-joint down there that can serve me a French 75. Or a champagne cocktail. And then lean back and see whoever happens to walk into the same joint – of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world… 😉

Have a nice Monday out there – here’s looking at you, kid(s) 😉


She Bangs – Ricky Martin
Cool Jerk – The Go-Go’s
I Think I Need You -and- Honey – Velvet Volume
Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
A to the B – Infernal
Touching Me, Touching You – Alphabeat
Touch Me – Electric Lady Lab

Photos by me
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My Life Is All About Catching Up…

Travelling, travelling again, … sooner or later, you let your firm grip of the Email inbox slip that little bit. That has a nasty habit of suddenly catching up with you when you finally get back.

And that’s when you catch a cold…

*whine, whine*

There, feel all better now 🙂 As the old Danish song goes (loosely translated) – above everything, Mother Sun’s always shining.

The picture above was shot on the way home from Africa last week – somewhere above the Alps en route from ZRH to CPH. Nice morning.

And here’s a wee shot of one of the places we went to while in Kenya – actually, we did not visit this particular site but the one a few streets down from there. And New KCC had made a super arrangement for us where all their plant managers from across the (large) country had travelled to Nairobi – just to listen to what we had to say. Made me honoured indeed!


Photos by me.


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Right, I need some hive-mind help

But before we go there, I need to apologise for the absence of the Monday thing – or at least explain why it didn’t happen. See, I’ve been away…

(“No sh*t, Sherlock”, I hear someone say 😉 )

I’ve been spending a week now in Belfast – and am due to start home tomorrow bright and early. But because of that, Monday did not really offer any particular music listening (the horror!) – so, no musical motorway write-up.

The lady above, by the way, is a very Belfastian thing and I have passed by her many times in my days here. She’s locally and affectionately known as Nuela with the Hula… 🙂

Right – a question for you: I snapped a picture of a cobblestoned (is that a word?) street tonight and am pondering whether to make it my new banner picture at the top of the blog. It still needs to go through Adobe Lightroom – on-iPhone adjustments are decent but just not on a par with editing a 6000 x 4000 300 dpi RAW image.

But – should I use the original colour one or go with the black and white?

– and why?

I’d really appreciate votes and comments below, thanks!

Photos by me.


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Monday Motorway Music™, October 23 – Is Denmark Monochrome in the Autumn?

The photo above – which is not edited to appear in black and white – does seem to suggest so.

It is from the beach at Aarø – a small island in Lillebælt, the belt between Jutland and Fyn. The fishing nets, the angle into the sea and the quality of the light made me do a small series of shots there – that one is one of two that I like best. Final winning decisions will not be until after I have had all of them through Adobe Lightroom (they’re imported but so far unworked).

Some of the other photos do have autumn colours and green grass and stuff, so of course Denmark does have colours, also in the autumn. And if everything else, we have a quite red flag 🙂

(Trivia: the split flag signals that it is an official state flag, used by civil and military authorities and institutions – this one has a symbol in the upper left corner with a horn and a crown, signifying that it is the flag of the Danish postal service. So there’s that.)

So, we were in Jutland over the weekend – and I’ve been there for work today. Luckily, today’s trip was not just work but also  coupled with an option to visit family for dinner on the way home. But I’ve seen some 10-12 hours of motorways over a few days. And, for Danes – living as we do in a small country – that is a lot!

And no, you’re not getting a music list of 12 hours’ worth, don’t worry 😉

Un-Break My Heart – Toni Braxton
Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
Wild Is The Wind – Cæcilie Norby
You’re Looking At Me – Diana Krall
More Than A Woman – Angie Stone
I’ve Been Thinking About You – Londonbeat
Somethin’ Stupid – Robbie Williams; feat. Nicole Kidman)

Photos by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, October 16 – Things That Happen While Travelling

All that traveling is getting seriously in the way of both writing and keeping track of what happens where… 😉

The picture above represents an oddity of sorts – the base is a pretty regular self-print TGV train ticket. The scribblings? Done by a friendly SNCF customer service guy at the counter at Gare Montparnasse and represents my changed ticket (after the morning train thing went haywire – don’t ask!)

And it worked flawlessy – conductors and trains and buses (again, don’t ask…) saw it, nodded and smiled. In this modern world of computers…

Writing this in the lounge in CPH – but I did have me some motorway driving this morning!

Let’s Dance – Chris Rea
All That She Wants – Ace of Base
Rette Mich – Nena
Cool Jerk – The Go-Go’s

Photos by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, October 9 – Art On A Wall

Ended up last week with an extra evening to spare in Paris – long story… But even if, with the amount of travel scheduled, an extra night away wasn’t high on my wishlist, Paris isn’t really the worst place to get stuck!

And I even got a room upgrade at the hotel for my being Danish with a South European side – and my, according to the friendly guy behind the counter, excellent French <blush>

After dumping my stuff in the indeed very cosy 6th floor room, I went out for a beer (needed after the day!) and some food. None of which is a challenge on the left bank, close to the Seine and next to Boulevard Saint Michel…

The beer got taken care of in a piano bar with some acceptable music. And these two paintings (above) – that intrigued me. There’s clearly a communication going on or about to – but then, the man and the woman are in different frames. What’s your take?

I like them!

The meal, then – sort of a circle closed. I learned most of my current French in Chambéry in the region of Savoie. And this evening I found myself a Savoyard meal – very classical one, indeed. Tartiflette. Basically potatoes, bacon, some onion and a little garlic and chives. And Reblochon cheese. Yum!

(One discussion of recipes can be found here)

A White from Savoie went well alongside it. And for dessert, I stayed very French and did Tarte Tatin. Altogether a very nice meal. And from there – back to sleep after a long and arduous day. Zzzzz!

Links 2, 3, 4 – Rammstein
Rock DJ – Robbie Williams
Hee I Go Again – Whitesnake
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
Leader of the Pack – Shangra-Las
Highway Star – Deep Purple
Sledgehammer – Bachman Turner Overdrive

Photos by me
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