Words – did you take them?

You left
I miss you
Those two lines never made much good writing
Except for the odd blues song
That I am so far from being the right guy to do

But when I try to make something better of them
Add some eloquence
Put flesh on the ribs of those lines

The words aren’t there

Did you, by any chance, take them?
When you packed up your things to leave
Like, somehow slipped them into your suitcase?

Sure, I know, words are different from your shirts and shoes and perfumes
They don’t lie around in orderly bundles or stacks or sheaves
In the hallway cupboard
Or the second desk drawer

And yet
They left with you

Did you calmly walk around
Finding them, picking them out, extracting them?
Rounding them up?

Or did you do the Pied Piper trick
And made them walk after you in an orderly line?

It’s empty here
And it’s silent here

You left.
Without a word.

I found this in my Simplenote app. No idea when I wrote it or what promoted it. And as far as I can see, I haven’t posted it before.

It does link nicely to this one, though.

(And just for the sake of good order: Nobody just left me 😉 )

Photo by me. Nearest thing I had that showed a void.
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