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The world seems to need a new manifesto for women’s rights

Many places in the world, March 8 was marked as International Women’s Day, with many different level of debate, acceptance, indifference or protest (whether for or against). Speaking on women’s rights, it may seem over-dramatical to start by quoting from … Continue reading

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If that isn’t arrogance and clinging to power…

A wave of protests against regimes have swelled in the Middle East and swept towards personal freedom and democracy. Young people, dreaming of having the same liberties as they see young people everywhere else, have left the old-fashioned die-hard rulers … Continue reading

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The Internet – (no longer) a tool of freedom and democracy?

The internet has generally been seen as a very major tool in increasing freedom by giving unprecedented access to information. In a 2006 testimony, the US House of Representatives heard that The Internet should be fostered and protected as a … Continue reading

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