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Monday Motorway Music™, October 23 – Is Denmark Monochrome in the Autumn?

The photo above – which is not edited to appear in black and white – does seem to suggest so. It is from the beach at Aarø – a small island in Lillebælt, the belt between Jutland and Fyn. The fishing … Continue reading

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Some autumn splendour

This morning started with a nice blue sky, so I grabbed the camera on the way out of the door for work. It’s been windy so it’s about getting the shots captured while some leaves are still hanging on … 🙂 … Continue reading

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Autumn for most but not all…

Fall’s leaving trees bare But one stubbornly clings to Summer’s bright beauty

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It’s going that way…

Yellow leaves flying Torn from trees by autumn winds Under a blue sky

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Monday Motorway Music™, October 14 – Autumn’s being serious about it

It’s actually not bad – we still haven’t really seen cold (as much as you see temperatures…). But the leaves are falling more and more, certainly. For the first time this year, when I walked the dog in the weekend, … Continue reading

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Psychedelic sky

There is a liquid sky all over the world Tonight it comes for your body It comes to set your soul alight Sort Sol, Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

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