If that isn’t arrogance and clinging to power…

A wave of protests against regimes have swelled in the Middle East and swept towards personal freedom and democracy. Young people, dreaming of having the same liberties as they see young people everywhere else, have left the old-fashioned die-hard rulers in their wake in Tunesia and Egypt.

But Iran, then? A very young population, a country with so many possibilities, a people that is the epitome of friendliness.

Well, except at the top. There, the way of assuring that those in power stay in power is to be ruthless to a degree that probably would make Stalin proud. If they show up, beat them, jail them, shoot them, hunt them down – that seems to be the credo.

And they even acknowledge that it is so:
“Of course there is a lot of animosity, even against the government. But they (protest planners) will not achieve their goals,” he [Mahmoud Ahmadinejad] said when asked to react to anti-government protests which occurred on Tehran’s streets on Monday (link)

In other words: We know that people are not happy. We’re determined not to let that affect us. Go screw yourselves.

That man and that regime cannot disappear fast enough – that way of looking at people has no place in the 21th century. In my humble opinion.

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