Thursday Motorway Music™, October 23 – A Monday That Flew Away

2014-10-21 07.59.21

I had actually hoped to have a “special version” of the (not so) regular Monday list out – a “Monday Runway Music” one, as I was flying out of CPH that morning and the carrier, Norwegian, actually offers internet in their planes.

I did get online – but either the plane had too many keyboard-happy passengers connecting or something or other in the system didn’t work too well. In any case, the connection broke often and when it didn’t, bytes came in at the speed of flowing treacle. So that was that.

The rest of Monday and the following days were spent with a load of international colleagues so writing had to take second place. And so we’re back – on a Thursday, not a Monday, and with a regular Motorway version.

Nothing out of the ordinary, then – given that, admittedly, these posts do not have the clockwork regularity that the titles could imply. But it sort of fits the day – the ordinariness, that is – even the meteorogist on the radio this morning called it a “rather bland and boring day” with gray clouds, not much wind, maybe a little rain but nothing to don the full hard-weather gear for.

The weather those three days in Sweden wasn’t anything to write home about, either. But still, it showed that Dalarö is a very pretty area.

The Streets Of Berlin – Sinne Eeg
Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 – Pink Floyd
Nothin’ But A Good Times – Poison
Night Fever – Bee Gees
I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ – Scissor Sisters

Photo by me.
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Monday Motorway Music™, October 13 – Honouring Silent Voices


Usually, I try to keep these Monday postings somewhat upbeat. When I fail, it’s normally because somebody has stepped on my toes in some form or other, letting my inner Statler and Waldorf out.

But this week, following an article in yesterday’s Danish newspaper Politiken, I have been spending too many of my brain cells’ activity on freedoms, especially the ones concerning your right to be who you are without a host of other people pounding at you just because you claim that right.

This happen in too many contexts -

  • In a number of places, you risk anything from harassment to your life if you choose a different (or no) religion than the majority
  • Skin colour and hair style may pick you out for special “attention” from law enforcement, regardless of who you actually are in the society
  • A different sexual orientation may block you from having the same rights as anyone else – or may actually lead to threats to your life
  • And lastly, in many, many, many places in the world, just being a woman may well mean that you’re seen as a lesser being, not seen as allowed to have a public opinion, automatically shamed for your gender if you speak out (whether or not what you have spoken about is gender relevant or not)

- and so on ad nauseam.

Changing tack for just one second – bear with me – I am sometimes dabbling in poetry. Haikus, especially – but also more “free-flowing” forms. More advanced forms like triolets are beckoning – but also seem very daunting in their requirements.

So maybe that is why the article mentioned above struck a deeper-than-usual chord with me. It is about Afghanistan women who write poetry – something that, out in the provinces, may cost them their lives in one way or the other. But still, they write – also when publishing only comes in the form of secret phone calls to a network of like-minded women poets. Calling in itself is risky – family or others may belive the calls are to a boyfriend and administer punishments.

One of the common forms of poetry is the landai – a simple, two-line poem of up to 22 syllables (I assume that this is for the original language and does not always survive transcription into English). But simple in format do not, as with Haiku, mean simple in content or lack of power or elegance:

“Her memory will be a flower tucked into literature’s turban.
In her loneliness, every sister cries for her.”

“When sisters sit together, they always praise their brothers.
When brothers sit together, they sell their sisters to others”

“Is there not one man here brave enough to see
How my untouched thighs burn these trousers off me?”

A couple of international articles if you want to learn more: NY Times, Pulitzer Center. And remember, when you write, that chances are you risk a lot, a whole lot, less than these eloquent and brave women do.

Back in my own Western, luxurious world, this was the music this morning that accompanied thoughts of how poetry seems to be a connection between people of all parts of the world … :

Birdland – Weather Report
Loch Lomond (Live) – Runrig
Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad – Meat Loaf
Vi skaber en verden perfekt – TV-2
Who’s That Girl – Eurythmics
Hey Good Lookin’ – Backseat Boys

Photo by Hanifa Alizada; from
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Cobblestone Cooking Music vol VIII – Schweinshaxe On The Grill

Bless you! Or at least, that’s what I can hear my not-so-much-German-speaking daugther say to me if I say “schweinshaxe”! Leg or shank, if you will, of pork is what it is – and if you really want it well made, got to Bayern in Germany. They have perfected the art.

  • Santana feat. Michelle Branch, The Game Of Love

Not that I booked tickets. Rather, I got out the knife and scored the skin (hide? whatever) in a cube pattern and rubbed salt, pepper, mustard powder and thyme in there and placed the shank in an aluminimum BBQ tray. Next to the grill, beer was poured in and a bay leaf added. Alu foil cover, into the BBQ with it.

2014-10-12 15.52.00

On the kitchen table while the grill monitoring is being added. Benefit of the iGrill: one probe for the meat, one for the grill. Plus, of course, remote monitoring :)

  • Melissa Etheridge, I Can Wait

Which is good, because it needs to sit out there for a few hours… Towards the end, it’ll come out of the packaging and get some more heat to make it crispy on the outside, at least that’s the plan…

  • Kate Bush, Babushka

Coleslaw: Finely slice cabbage, coursely grate carrots. Put in a fridge/freezer bag and add a marinade of apple cider vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard, celery salt, cumin, pepper and a bit of sugar. Close the bag, but leaving it “inflated” so that there is room for the vegetables to move around. Put it in the fridge for an hour’s time, giving it a shake once in a while.

  • Kylie Minogue, Where The Wild Roses Grow (Abbey Road Sessions)

Drain the marinade off (otherwise, the coleslaw becomes too sour). Make a dressing of Coleman’s or Hellman’s mayonnaise and creme fraiche in equal parts, salt, pepper and sugar to taste. Mix the vegetables and the dressing just before serving.

  • Electric Lady Lab, Touch Me

2014-10-12 17.41.54Potatoes: Chose to do what in Denmark at least is known as Hasselback potatoes. Peel potatoes, and thinly slice them, but not all the way through! Easiest done if you have a wee thing with a slight trough/recess to put the potato in so that the knife is held back. See photo for such a thingumyjig.

Put oil of melted butter over, season with salt and pepper and top with finely smashed dry breadcrumbs (“rasp” is a very known Danish thing that seems to have no similar word in English…). Bake in the grill (or oven for that matter as you would with baked potatoes, maybe only slightly shorter).

  • Pointer Sisters, Fire (appropriate with all the grilling going on? ;) )

Serve with beer – we took a walk this afternoon and “happened” to pass by our local brewpub where we got a refill for a growler of Rye IPA. Should work well, I think!

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Tuesday Motorway Music™, October 7 – Autumn, But What A Glorious One

Billede 05-10-14 10.15.53

In the past weekend, we went with friends to the Swedish peninsula of Kullen. An awesome autumn weekend, full of sunshine and with the foliage just having started to turn from green into yellows. And, here and there, oranges and reds.

A good 10 km hike around in Kullaberg national park Saturday, a good dinner at Grand Hotel* in Mölle and a Bed & Breakfast to stay the night at, right on the seaside. No complaints!

Billede 05-10-14 10.39.55Sunday we went down to see – experience, rather – Nimis. An installation, I guess is the nearest word, made of 75 tons of driftwood and I do not care to guess how many nails and how much time. Crawling through it (yes!) gives the most magnificant impression of it’s scale. And then there’s the whole independent, royal republic of Ladonia angle to it as well.

Weird. Massive. Strange. Did I say I liked it?

And … I’m back in our own car:)

’74-’75 – The Connells
Back In Black – AC/DC
Rette Mich – Nena
Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
Bat Out Of Hell – Meat Loaf

Photos by me
*This week’s song quote:
Tell me where are you going
Sweet mademoiselle
To London or Paris
To the Grand Hotel…
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Monday Motorway Music™, September 29 – Autumn Only Slowly Coming

2014-09-29 08.36.07

Actually, it looked autumnish this mornign – the mist had crawled from the canal like a primoridial phantom of romance… (no, I have not gone barking mad – but there a bonus points for identifying the song reference without Googling!)

As you can see, it was actually quite misty (I get so misty, I’ve heard it in a love song
Guess that melody was written just for me … there he goes again, another song reference!).

2014-09-29 09.00.58But, as the weather people promised on the radio, there was beautiful sunshine hidden behind the mist, just waiting to make the day one of the beautiful ones (Dear Bob – is someone going to make him stop doing that song thing…?)

And the radio played this:

Let Her Go – Passenger
Chariot – Gavin DeGraw
Sweetest Thing – U2
Bartender – Lady Antebellum
Regndans – Danseorkestret
Lipstick Lies – Julias Moon
The Game of Love – Santana FEAT. Michelle Branch

Photos by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, September 22 – On Good and Bad

2014-09-20 19.10.04

First up: I really don’t know what happened to last week – it seemed to sneak by in a flash (if such a thing is possible). If anyone could let me know where it went, I’ll try to catch up with it and see if I can still squeeze a blog post into it…

OK, good and bad… The weekend certainly started off with the latter – Friday morning I misjudged a traffic situation enough to “park” a little bit beyond the back of a car in front of me. Ooops. Only harm done was to metal and other mechanical parts, blessedly, even if we spent some time at the site with emergency/doctorish people on the phone because the guy in the other car seemed to maybe be a bit sore in the neck and better safe than sorry in case of something that could be a whiplash.

So even if the iPod/phone problem from last post has been sorted, that whole thing is parked at the Citroën garage along with the damaged front left corner, awaiting insurance and repair works – and I have a loaner C3 to drive in. There is both 12V power and an AUX plug – but I cannot seem to get the radio to switch source to AUX…

Anyway – the rest of the weekend was much better! A scouting weekend, in the form of what we call an “education market”. 38 2-4 hour modules of training for scout leaders across 23 topics ranging from “Fire in a 100 different ways” over “GPS – teach it to your scouts” to “Mastering the activity database”. But also higher-brow (well…) topics such as “Safe from harm” on dealing with bullying and – what yours truly spent the weekend on as Instructor – “Appreciative Inquiry based leadership”.

A lot of talking and cosy get-together with probably just short of 200 scout leaders from all over the country, our three-man team teaching for altogether  8 hours, a 2-hour very good session on exchanging experiences, problems, ideas and good times with other troop scout leaders – and a decent, albeit not impressive, amount of quality time with my beloved down-filled sleeping bag. Summary: Time well spent and came back happy but tired.

The photo up there is from early Saturday evening – later in the night we had rain. But actually, as long as you know that the tent is a good enough one and it’s set up well enough, rain on the outside of a tent is actually a quite nice and calming sound.

Not much music list – the morning radio programmes’ selection didn’t really agree with me – but at least a bit from before leaving the house:

Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
Lose Yourself To Dance – Daft Punk
Burning Down The House – Tom Jones & The Cardigans
Murder on The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis Bextor

Photo by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, September 8 – Technical Crisis Looming

3d human with big negative symbol in hands

It is not that the motorway electronic signs this morning gleefully pronounced that there was a queue 1,000 – 1,500 m ahead. At a point where we were already down to 39 km/h…

Not even that the photo that I had plans for using for this post seems to play bit-hide-and-seek and is readily available just about nowhere.

Much, much worse – the iPod cable integration in the car is failing. Horrors!! One thing is that the left channel drops out now and then – also affects the radio – but now a bump or a fresh left hand turn (not right, funnily enough – political conclusions should not be drawn, please! ;) ) can actually stop music and send the Parrot thingumyjig into an uncontrollable start,crash,restart viscious cycle.

Must phone the garage, methinks!

Anyway, music was had today:

Touching Me, Touching You – Alphabeat
Who’s That Girl (Live, Peacetour) – Eurythmics
In The Midnight Hour – Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
Dead Ringer for Love – Meat Loaf (& Cher)
Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield & Maggie Riley
Hotblooded – Roxette
Peppermin Twist – The Sweet

Photo from here (stated on page to be free stock image)
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Monday Motorway Music™, September 1 – Officially Autumn, Apparently

Billede 25-08-14 10.47.35

I managed to claim two weeks ago that vacation was over, as verified by traffic. And judging by the calendar, in Denmark at least, today marks the beginning of autumn.

Both are actually true. But … *snigger* … my vacationing wasn’t quite over and done with – and neither was my summer. Last week we spent hiking in the mountains of Cinque Terre in Italy. 5 days there of lovely hiking – altogether some 50 km and 7,000 height meters under the belt.

Billede 28-08-14 20.33.50And a bit or two of Italian eating… The quality of the food in Italy is always nice – but to me it is especially the importance that food has in the mind that is uplifting. It is not just “stuff your head on the way to something else” but actually seen as important. As is, still – according to people we spoke to – actually sitting down together and eating. Resonates with me, surely.

And as our son got his driver license two weeks ago and had “a ton” of things to take with him to school today for a film/media project they’re doing, I was left without a car this morning. Got a lift with a local friend who works in the same neighbourhood, which at least saved me from braving public transport first morning back.

But altogether this also means that there is no fresh Motorway Music™ list for today or last Monday – no music on the trails last week, no music on the road today.

As a small compensation of sorts – the morning paper and breakfast table routine today were done to the sound of Angie Stone’s Stone Hits compilation album.

Photos by me
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Monday Motorway Music™, August 18 – Vacation’s Really Over

2014-02-25 13.05.41

…as seen by the fact that traffic is back. With a vengeance.

I managed to go round the motorway site where, apparently, a couple of cars had to be loaded on flatbeds under police supervision – not that I know if it made the trip faster but at least it felt more like driving than sitting.

Still, it was worse the other way – I’m generally going against the traffic. But what would have made my head explode if I had been sitting in the queue over on the other side – and I saw 6.5 km of queue (just measured it on Google Maps)  – is that the queue that way was mainly due to idiots (sorry, but that’s the Gospel on this) who slows down to see what has happened in the opposite direction.

I’ve said it before (sharp eyes will notice reuse of the opening photo, even) – but, really, get a life. Drive on, don’t bog everything down to gawk. Geez!

Moves Like Jagger – Marron 5
Turn It On Again – Genesis
Costa del Sol (live) – CV Jørgensen
Rock DJ – Robbie Williams
Don’t Get Me Wrong – Pretenders
Livin’ On A Prayer – Bon Jovi
Mercedes Benz – Janis Joplin
Rette Mich – Nena

Photo by me
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Cobblestone Cooking Music vol VII – A Lazy Sunday

Doing pulled beef – or, some would say, I’m not… It’s a pre-cooked thing that needs half an hour in the oven, a bit of pulling and a spicy sauce mix-up. But sometimes, Sundays are like that – this one’s rainy and there’s a bit about a couple of late nights leading up to it. And some laid back conversations and a fair amout of wine. So … lazy.

With some quiet and lazy music to go with it.

  • Diana Krall, How Deep Is The Ocean
  • Swan Lee, You Cannot Hide

At least, the sides involved a bit of cooking. Corn on the cob and crispy sliced roasted potatoes.

  • Phil Collins, If Leaving Me Is Easy
  • Notre Dame de Pigalle, Madeleine Peyroux

Scrub a handful of potatoes, slice them evenly – I tend to go for a little thinner – and drop them on a pre-heated pan with a couple of dollops of a good, neutral oil. Turn and mix them often, unstick them from each other, try to get them fried on both sides all of them. Along the way salt them and give them a couple of pinches of thyme.

  • Mariah Carey, Without You
  • Sinne Eeg, Time To Go

The corn is easy – do boiling water in a big pot or pan, add a pinch of salt. Husk the corn, pull off the silky threads and drop them into the water to boil for 5 minutes – turn them over once or twice.

Finish the meat as per the instructions on the package. Serve. In this case with a Skovlyst IPA.

(And no, I did not actually listen to Kinks singing about “Lazing on a sunny afternoon”. For one thing, it wasn’t sunny at all…)

Whoa! Just a PS that is actually rather remarkable:

Skærmbillede 2014-08-17 kl. 20.18.45


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