Monday Bicycle Music™, May 11 – Biking Season Finally Started

2015-05-11 07.27.16

The rapeseed in bloom with all it’s yellowness


No, you did not read “bikini” – biking, as in bicycling! And man, it was about time. Last year, I started my version of interval training – biking to work in the summer, not in the winter – already in March. This year, we almost hit mid-May before I got on the pedalled steel-horse. Well, when you’re busy travelling by planes all over the place, there’s not much room for biking.

The day at least was a magnificent day for it. Blue skies, sunshine, the forest at its best – really, really nice. Apparently, no one had been working on flattening the hills since last autumn, so the ride was as hard as anticipated for the first one of the season. And maybe a little more – lots of plane seats and restaurants over weeks just isn’t good for physical endurance…

But I got out and I got back again and I felt all the better for it. The list was deliberately chosen to be on the slow and quiet side – when you’re not yet in shape, there is no need to be belting out songs at 140 bpm:

I’ve Been To Town – Cæcilie Norby
You’ve Got A Friend – Carole Kig
Waterfalls – TLC
I Surrender – Saybia
Shangri-La – ELO
Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
Sign Your Name – Terence Trent D’Arby
Let The Music Play – Barry White
Samba Pa Ti – Santana
I Wanna Be Yours – Arctic Monkeys

– but also included some faster stuff, if only a little, especially on the last part of the way back, including:

It Don’t Mean A Thing – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
The Look – Roxette
I Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister
Highway To Hell – AC/DC

Photo by me.
PS: And I don’t really know why this didn’t hit the interwebs yesterday. But at least I got to kill a few extra typos
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1 Response to Monday Bicycle Music™, May 11 – Biking Season Finally Started

  1. Fantastic! I hadn’t ridden a bike for several years– I mostly stopped after I entered middle school and stopped spending so much time playing outdoors :(– until I began university last fall. Now I bike EVERYWHERE and I love it.

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