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Jeg er træt af at blive skåret over én kam! Et svar om ikke at være religiøs.

[Danish-centric, a debate-post sparked by articles in Danish newspapers over the holidays about atheists vs religiousness] Her i jule- og nytårsdagene er der jo dejlig meget tid til at læse aviser og debatindlæg og den slags. Det vil sige – … Continue reading

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What may be an exercise in futility: Rebutting a religious zealot

I know – don’t feed the trolls. But recently, when I stumbled over this page: – honestly, I got mad. This is insulting – partly because it smears my country by an obvious string of false statements and outright lies, … Continue reading

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Cobblestone Debate: Why, today, Je suis Charlie

It may be presumptuous for such a small, irregularily published and – in the big picture of things – largely irrelevant blog such as this to jump into the big debate following the 12 murders of journalists and cartoon artists in Paris … Continue reading

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The world seems to need a new manifesto for women’s rights

Many places in the world, March 8 was marked as International Women’s Day, with many different level of debate, acceptance, indifference or protest (whether for or against). Speaking on women’s rights, it may seem over-dramatical to start by quoting from … Continue reading

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Friday Motorway Music™, August 26

Friday. A seriously good invention. Can Nobel prizes be given for inventing a day? I seem to have gotten myself into a habit of accompanying the music lists with a little bit of smalltalk. As today’s list in and by … Continue reading

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On far away violations

Apparently, there could be something like 42,000 traffic violations a year in the city of Amman, Jordan: Mar. 16–AMMAN — Around 3,556 environmental and traffic violations in the capital have been captured on film since the beginning of this month, … Continue reading

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Are you happy now, Wayne Sapp?

Your event with burning of the Qur’an has raised demonstrations in several places. In one of them, in Northern Afghanistan, 8 UN people: 5 Nepalese, 1 Romanian, 1 Norwegian and 1 Swede were killed, two of them by decapitation. Did … Continue reading

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