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Cobblestone Debate: Why, today, Je suis Charlie

It may be presumptuous for such a small, irregularily published and – in the big picture of things – largely irrelevant blog such as this to jump into the big debate following the 12 murders of journalists and cartoon artists in Paris … Continue reading

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Monday Motorway Music™, October 13 – Honouring Silent Voices

Usually, I try to keep these Monday postings somewhat upbeat. When I fail, it’s normally because somebody has stepped on my toes in some form or other, letting my inner Statler and Waldorf out. But this week, following an article … Continue reading

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The world seems to need a new manifesto for women’s rights

Many places in the world, March 8 was marked as International Women’s Day, with many different level of debate, acceptance, indifference or protest (whether for or against). Speaking on women’s rights, it may seem over-dramatical to start by quoting from … Continue reading

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