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Monday Motorway Musicâ„¢, November 3 – After A Very Social Weekend

Sometimes it is sort of good to get back to work on a Monday and relax 😉 This most often is something I say after a weekend of scouting – which has a tendency to be a bit tough on … Continue reading

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Cobblestone Cooking Music vol VIII – Schweinshaxe On The Grill

“Bless you!” At least, that’s what I can hear my not-so-much-German-speaking daughter say to me if I say “schweinshaxe”! Leg or shank, if you will, of pork is what it is – and if you really want it well made, … Continue reading

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Things I do not understand

Oh, don’t get me wrong – this is not going to be a post where I muse and gloat about the few things in the world that I’ve not yet understood. To set that record straight – there are gazillions … Continue reading

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Friday Bicycle Musicâ„¢, June 15 – the letter “R” and a moral dilemma

I have been quite happy with the increase in bicycling exercise that I have been able to slot in lately – actually under my breath aiming for twice per week; something like Tuesdays and Fridays. After being travelling and stuffing … Continue reading

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