About Cobblestone

The Cobblestone blog was born for one thing (well, maybe the second also) but has  grown into three four:

  • A general playground for words and photos – one that hails the beauty in unexpected things, throws a stone or two (but ever so gently) into debates – and such.
  • An attempt to meet the standard blogging requirement of posting schedule regularity, regularity and regularity by sharing thoughts and lists based on my love of music – in form of the Monday Motorway Music™ lists. So far, my understanding of dates and days as well as my lack of talent for adhering to a posting schedule both seem to preclude actual success in this…
  • A place for me to write about business travel from an actual traveller, down-to-earth (well, more like up-in-the-air ;)) perspective. So far in terms of flight reviews and, the most recent initiative, Traveller Tips.
  • A series on cooking and the music that goes along with it. For some inspiration, hopefully, but falling somewhat short of actual recipe reiteration.

Most will be in English but a few more local topics will be in my native Danish. Click the language categories if you want to to concentrate on one or the other.

And I have read and understood blogging advice, including some from likers and followers (and thanks for that, guys!) that having such diverse topics under one roof may not be the smartest for the purpose of clear aims or driving traffic. But since my dayjob pays adequately and is something I most certainly enjoy, making a living from these pages is and has never been the aim. So I stubbornly stick with my cobblestones as the umbrella (now, there’s a metaphor…) for the musings, rants and writings here…

Which leads to – why cobblestones? They’re actually beautiful, they bring with them an air of gas lamps and the sound of carriage wheels – think Sherlock Holmes on a foggy night. Not that this will be a historical blog or even one reminiscing about things and times gone by. They’re just – solid, tangible, give rise to a nice smell when they’re warm and summer rain falls on them… I like them.