A Small Hiatus – And A Merry Christmas!

’tis Christmas. Well … actually only almost. As the candle indicates, it is what we call “Little Christmas Day” here, the 23rd of December. So proper Christmas, in these parts, is actually not until tomorrow.

But I am home, the Christmas tree got done up yesterday, it’s quiet and the cooking for tomorrow night has begun. So – it is Christmas time. At least if you’re somewhere where Christmas is Christmas.

I am – so a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Or Happy Holidays. Or a very pleasant weekend. Or whatever friendly and joyful greeting that will work for you 🙂

And because it is all of that, I will be going exactly nowhere on Monday. I’ll be here, with my family, doing nothing more strenous than relaxing, enjoying a quiet Christmas day, eating slightly too much and generally being content.

And I wish for all of you that you’ll be able to do as much of the same as you’d like.

Thanks for hanging around.

Photo by me.
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