Monday Motorway Music™, December 18 – More Traditional Stuff

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One of the nice traditions for us in December is to go to the Tivoli Gardens in (very) central Copenhagen. The lights are pretty also in the Danish summer nights – but, to me, especially so around Christmas.

Very likely a part of that extra prettiness is the need for light in the very dark Danish winter – as said two weeks ago, the days are only about 7 hours long now. Man, that’s a lot of dark hours… 😉

And yes – two weeks since last Monday. At least last Monday as defined by posting here. Last week, my Monday was in Michigan – and while I did hold my own in the business meetings there during the day, from an energy point of view, there wasn’t anything left for blogging.

It had been a long weekend – company Christmas do (as usual, a magnificent party) Friday night – in bed by 2 am Saturday. A 50 years Birthday do for a dear friend on Saturday – home about 1 am Sunday. And then, the same Sunday, a flight to Chicago at 3:40 pm – that ended with us, after delays, hitting our hotel rooms in Michigan at something like 6:30 am Monday morning Danish time.

Let’s just say I was a little behind on my sleeping…!

Beautiful Ones – Suede
Because the Night – Patti Smith Group
Get a Job – Gossip
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? – Culture Club

Photos by me
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