My Life Is All About Catching Up…

Travelling, travelling again, … sooner or later, you let your firm grip of the Email inbox slip that little bit. That has a nasty habit of suddenly catching up with you when you finally get back.

And that’s when you catch a cold…

*whine, whine*

There, feel all better now 🙂 As the old Danish song goes (loosely translated) – above everything, Mother Sun’s always shining.

The picture above was shot on the way home from Africa last week – somewhere above the Alps en route from ZRH to CPH. Nice morning.

And here’s a wee shot of one of the places we went to while in Kenya – actually, we did not visit this particular site but the one a few streets down from there. And New KCC had made a super arrangement for us where all their plant managers from across the (large) country had travelled to Nairobi – just to listen to what we had to say. Made me honoured indeed!


Photos by me.


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