Right, I need some hive-mind help

But before we go there, I need to apologise for the absence of the Monday thing – or at least explain why it didn’t happen. See, I’ve been away…

(“No sh*t, Sherlock”, I hear someone say 😉 )

I’ve been spending a week now in Belfast – and am due to start home tomorrow bright and early. But because of that, Monday did not really offer any particular music listening (the horror!) – so, no musical motorway write-up.

The lady above, by the way, is a very Belfastian thing and I have passed by her many times in my days here. She’s locally and affectionately known as Nuela with the Hula… 🙂

Right – a question for you: I snapped a picture of a cobblestoned (is that a word?) street tonight and am pondering whether to make it my new banner picture at the top of the blog. It still needs to go through Adobe Lightroom – on-iPhone adjustments are decent but just not on a par with editing a 6000 x 4000 300 dpi RAW image.

But – should I use the original colour one or go with the black and white?

– and why?

I’d really appreciate votes and comments below, thanks!

Photos by me.


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