Monday Motorway Music™, October 9 – Art On A Wall

Ended up last week with an extra evening to spare in Paris – long story… But even if, with the amount of travel scheduled, an extra night away wasn’t high on my wishlist, Paris isn’t really the worst place to get stuck!

And I even got a room upgrade at the hotel for my being Danish with a South European side – and my, according to the friendly guy behind the counter, excellent French <blush>

After dumping my stuff in the indeed very cosy 6th floor room, I went out for a beer (needed after the day!) and some food. None of which is a challenge on the left bank, close to the Seine and next to Boulevard Saint Michel…

The beer got taken care of in a piano bar with some acceptable music. And these two paintings (above) – that intrigued me. There’s clearly a communication going on or about to – but then, the man and the woman are in different frames. What’s your take?

I like them!

The meal, then – sort of a circle closed. I learned most of my current French in Chambéry in the region of Savoie. And this evening I found myself a Savoyard meal – very classical one, indeed. Tartiflette. Basically potatoes, bacon, some onion and a little garlic and chives. And Reblochon cheese. Yum!

(One discussion of recipes can be found here)

A White from Savoie went well alongside it. And for dessert, I stayed very French and did Tarte Tatin. Altogether a very nice meal. And from there – back to sleep after a long and arduous day. Zzzzz!

Links 2, 3, 4 – Rammstein
Rock DJ – Robbie Williams
Hee I Go Again – Whitesnake
Born To Be Wild – Steppenwolf
Leader of the Pack – Shangra-Las
Highway Star – Deep Purple
Sledgehammer – Bachman Turner Overdrive

Photos by me
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