Monday Motorway Music™, October 2 – Concerts and Travels

Actually, the past week was not spent travelling. Which in itself is something peculiar – at least when compared to the coming six weeks that will all feature a trip to somewhere. And back, hopefully 🙂

What was it spent on, then? Music – and preparing for travelling 😉

The photo above is from Saturday’s Diana Krall concert in the Opera in Copenhagen. A fantastic venue – the place is downright beautiful and the sound is perfect as far as I can tell. Which made it a real joy to listen to five so talented and technically excellent musicians.

Tomorrow we’ll change gears – the Rolling Stones in Copenhagen. That we’re going is due to the kids’ efforts – they suggested that we did and spent the time refreshing browsers over and over until they succeeded in getting tickets for the four of us 🙂

And in between all of this, I’ve been running around (well, not literally – I do not run!) and getting all sorts of travel documents set in motion. With the result that I am now the owner of two passports – for the very simple reason that logistics didn’t allow enough time for getting necessary visas and travelling according to plans without at some point being short of a passport when taking off. And that won’t do in this time and day.


My iPhone Wallet app for the last couple of months looks like the cavalcade of colours to the left here. I’ve just counted what’s coming – and in six weeks from now, this set will all be pushed down a full screen or more. The current estimate is 18 boarding passes to come – though one or two may not be electronic as that kind of thing won’t work in Russia (you can’t stamp them, you see…)

As to music, it’s predictably been all Diana Krall and the Rolling Stones lately. And that includes today’s drive in windy and rainy gloom. Welcome to October 😉


Diana Krall –
Quiet Nights
I don’t Know Enough About You
‘Deed I Do (a very up-tempo version opened the show on Saturday)
A Case Of You

Rolling Stones –
Start Me Up (a good guess for an opener tomorrow??)
Beast uf Burden
Miss You
Under My Thumb
Paint It, Black
Brown Sugar

Photos by me
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