The light in the night

A light shone at me the other night
It wasn’t strong and it wasn’t constant
Or … it could well have been

And I just saw it like you see a light through foliage

I was drawn to it
It wasn’t far to go to find it
And when I got there
I felt comfortable and at ease in its glow
Like I belonged there or had been there before
Or … found something I didn’t know was there

And then you came out of the light

What happened next was
As simple and expected
As it was quiet and calm and right

I am glad I did and said
What I did and said
It seemed to help
Or … maybe it was simply a timely bit of consolation

But then you smiled and there it was, the light

Just a calm moment
In two rivers of frantic lives that crossed
Leaving each of us to sail down each our own waterway
Just for one moment safer in our boats.

– – – –

I had quite a lot (in fact, way too much and more than expected) time on a flight tonight and here is this, inspired by a short exchange of words between two people I do believe respect each other.
(If you read anything more into it, you’re in your own boat down your own river.)

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