Monday Motorway Music™, September 11 – Ambience

This is partly inspired by listening to Everything But The Girl’s “Missing” somewhat on repeat in the car – I had  few errands and the song didn’t quite finish on the short stretches between each, so it started over a few times. Not that I mind, I love the song. Not least because of its ambience…

Ambience – which is harder to say than to define – generally is something I value. Restaurants, for example – when I travel, I’d much rather have relatively good food and a brillian ambience in the place than something culinarily stellar but stiff or formal.

The images, I hope, show some ambience. They are from the Darband area in Tehran, Iran – described to us by one of our local colleagues as “in the foothill of the mountains”. Sure was hilly – and a very lively and colourful place. And – we even had good food!


(The sharper ones of you will re-find the image in my Instagram feed over there to the right –> 🙂 )




Missing – Everything But The Girl (doh!)
Blinded By The Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
Mig & Charly – CV Jørgensen
Killing Me Softly – Fugees
Drop Dead Beautiful – Six Was Nine
Highway One – Sinne Eeg

Photos by me
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