Monday Motorway Music™, August 14 – Some Heavier IT Housekeeping

Yep, the old trustworthy NAS has been replaced with a new shiny one – and with the drop in HDD prices since I bought the first one, the amount of storage also has gone up. Considerably! So now, what used to take up most of the space I had only takes up around 20-25% of the new, roomy thingumyjig 🙂

And even if the new storage device also has a remarkably faster write speed than the old one did, it still takes a solid amount of time to copy over all the old stuff. And then to use some of the plentiful space to make backup copies of important stuff from my Mac.

So that’s how time is spent at the moment. Renewing the IT backbone of the house. But when it’s all done and polished and ready, we’re solidly into 2017 and major overhauls is a thing that can be considered checked off the list for quite some time!

Sådan nogen som os – Poul Krebs
Manic Monday – The Bangles
Rock Me – ABBA
Glemmer Du – Sinne Eeg
You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King
Jeg vil ha’ dig – TV-2
Twilight Birds – Gasolin’

Photos by me
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