Monday Motorway Music™, July 3 – Where Did Half of ’17 Go?

Taken two hours earlier in the evening than last week’s – but it still pretty well illustrates the concept of long, light summer evenings 🙂

But – waking up this Monday and rummaging a bit around; driving to work – and, hey? What?? It’s July?

I have a nasty feeling that this could be an annually recurring thing. But – where did the first half of my year go? Whoooshed away like Doglas Adams’ famous deadlines? Man, I must have fun for the time to fly as it does, that’s for sure. And of course, that’s a comforting thought…

In a very allegorical (and maybe ever so slightly over-constructed) sort of way, this time thing reminded me of yesterday, when we took as 12 km walk up in Sweden. One moment, we were walking across this long, straight, reasonably wide path on top of a dam – the next, we went “where’s our path?? Oh, that’s it now?” and had to continue along a very narrow, winding and not too obvious trail* through the forest.

* Not too obvious – expect for the ubiquitous, nicely visible yellow marks, of course…

But a beautiful part of the walk it was – and let’s just hope that the coming half year also will offer lots of beautiful experiences, shan’t we?

Don’t Wait Too Long – Madeleine Peyroux
Feel It – Kate Bush
My Melancholy Blues – Queen
Avalon – Bryan Ferry
Smoke gets In Your Eyes – Maria Augusta

Photos by me
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