Monday Motorway Music™, June 26 – Midsummer and Humanity

The nights are quite light here. That photo was taken at 23:27… And it seemed lighter (probably the camera reacting to the street lights).

And that’s of course because it was just Midsummer (and, ok, because Denmark is pretty far up North). So, on Friday, we had the “Skt. Hans aften” aka Midsummer Night, a few days after the summer solstice and on the eve of the day named after Saint John (Hans in Danish, go figure).

And, as we do, the scouts had done the local bonfires – two of them, an early one for the small kids and the major one somewhat later. But of course not when it got dark 😉

Getting this out today, still on the Monday (14 minutes to go – and counting…) has been a bit of a feat. Left home at a little after eight, back to change into jeans around six, off for a dinner and walking back from the station, as mentioned above, at 23:27…

And yet!

But – in the train back from town, I found this Twitter thread. And for those intent on painting the UK and Europe as being in fear, of having religions and people pitted against each other: Just have a read. And weep. For the raw, lovely humanity on display. So awesome.

Have a good one, all of you.

Ain’t No Cure For Love – Leonard Cohen
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Zindy Kiki Boogaloo
Missing – Everything But The Girl

Photos by me
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