An Affair To Remember


Walking home through city streets
on a summer morning
Early. And late.

An early morning
could also be called a late night
But the sun is up, warming me
So I call it a morning

A late summer morning
could also be called early autumn
But the sun is there, warming me
so I call it a late summer

The morning is brilliant
turning water to gold, bathing hard stone in softness
speaks of the good day to come
Yet in the light
lingers the remnants of a wonderful night

The rays of sun, golden and warm
whispers about a summer so good
but also of autumn to come with leaves turning red

After the joyful bliss of summer
I don’t know if you are leaving of if I am
But we are
And we know
And it’s fine

I am ready for the changing season
for the change in life, our lives
I am happy with the summer that was
All the sun that will forever shine within me

We will always remember this summer
With fondness
Knowing that it was and will forever be
An affair to remember

– – – – –

(An old piece by now, from 2006 – I thought I had reposted it on this blog when I had to take my old blog down but I can’t find it here, so I don’t think so.)

This all came out of listening to one piece of music – “An Affair to Remember”, The Lynne Arriale Trio from their “Live at Montreux” album.

Of all places, in the car – in relatively solid morning queues on the Motorring 3 North, on my way to work.

I’d recognised Lynne Arriale’s piano playing and looked at the car screen to get the title. Half a minute into the tune the thought struck me “Bob! That is exactly what she plays!”

All the sights, sensations and emotions of the piece I put together above came out of that piano melody. I was furiously turning sentences over in my mind, lamenting the fact that I couldn’t get them down on paper – or screen – in the car.

Having parked and getting into the office, I just had to get it down in words – and there it is, as near as I could do it. And you can say that my experience with Lynne Arriale playing that song certainly is an affair I will remember 🙂

Photo by me.


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