Tuesday Motorway Music™, June 20 – Those Pesky Intentions

Sicilian “Sun’s over the yardarm” moment

Driving home from work yesterday, I had the list of songs all made out. I had thought about a photo. I sort of just needed a tiny glimpse of inspiration as to a topic to head off from.

And then – I don’t know. Monday happened. A nice sofa to sit in. Photos from our Sicily trip that my wife is keen to get into our shared photo album. As am I – and it requires some time spent in front of Adobe Lightroom. And there were some strawberries and some cream in the fridge that begged to be eaten.

What? You don’t think so? Well, of course there is this…

“May I urge you to consider my liver?” asked the animal, “it must be very rich and tender by now, I’ve been force-feeding myself for months.”

“A green salad,” said Arthur emphatically.

“A green salad?” said the animal, rolling his eyes disapprovingly at Arthur.

“Are you going to tell me,” said Arthur, “that I shouldn’t have green salad?”

“Well,” said the animal, “I know many vegetables that are very clear on that point. Which is why it was eventually decided to cut through the whole tangled problem and breed an animal that actually wanted to be eaten and was capable of saying so clearly and distinctly. And here I am.”
Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of The Universe.

…which sort of suggests that vegetables and fruit do not particularly want to be eaten. Nevertheless, we did.

And all of that took time. And efforts (of sorts). And brain waves. And so – no writing occurred.


Contact High – Scissor Sisters
Jealous Guy – Bryen Ferry & Roxy Music
Good Times – Matt Bianco
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth – Meat Loaf
Boogie Down – Al Jarreau
5 Minutes Past Loneliness – The Sandmen

Photos by me.
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