Tuesday Motorway Music™, May 23 – Just Silence For Today

Today is not a day for music – not after the atrocity, as it apparently was, in Manchester.

Listen – I don’t do religion. Still, I try to have respect for people who do. And I will continue to do so. This simply cannot be seen – I cannot see it – as something any person of religion would be able to do. Deliberately target children and teenagers with death? How can anyone but the sickest of minds think that this can forward any case?

As someone wiser than me has said – if you have to hurt other people to prove your morals or faith, then you don’t have morals or faith to prove.

What does make me believe in people is the response of the people of Manchester. Opening their doors for strangers, offering to give people a lift to safety, even the simplest – but necessary – offerings of something to drink, a phone charge…

That is how humanity reacts. That IS humanity.

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