Monday Motorway Music™, April 3 – Spring Is Springing

We’ve had some excellent spring weather lately – even if it’s been a little on and off (Sunday, I’m looking at you!).

The sun’s really making a difference, the light in the morning is battling the hour lost to Daylight Saving Time and there is absolutely all the something in the air that spring is known for! Of course, it helps that we’ve passed the spring equinox.

On top of everything else, I had the luxury of having this very Monday off 🙂

Most of it, to be honest, spent at all sorts of practical chores in and out of the house. But still…

The pictures are from a nice wee break in the sun late Friday afternoon.

PS What happened to last week’s Monday? Flew by like the deadlines in the Douglas Adams quote, I reckon…


What A Wonderful World – Joey Ramone
Roll Over Beethoven – ELO
Telephone Line – ELO
These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra
Guns and People – Eric Serra
Rock Me – ABBA
I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Come Back – Meat Loaf

Photos by me.
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