Monday Motorway Music™, March 20 – A Whiff Of Royalty


We spent a long weekend in Scotland this past weekend – throwing a few days of luxury at ourselves with a two-night stay at Culzean* Castle.

* Don’t know why, but the “z” is silent…

The aim of the weekend was to un- and rewind and with the fabulous setting, the care and gentle, warm service bestowed on us by Billy and the other staff at the castle plus a couple of walks out in the Scottish terrain – and weather! – we certainly achieved what we came for.

We started, actually, even before arriving at Culzean – by having lunch at the Brig o’Doon of Robert Burns and Tam o’ Shanter fame:

Ah, Tam! ah, Tam! thou’ll get thy fairin’!
In hell they’ll roast thee like a herrin’!
In vain thy Kate awaits thy commin’!
Kate soon will be a woefu’ woman!
Now, do thy speedy utmost, Meg,
And win the key-stane o’ the brig;
There at them thou thy tail may toss,
A running stream they dare na cross.
Excerpt from Robert Burns, Tam o’ Shanter poem

The Brig o’Doon

The castle itself was of course a lovely place to stay – and on top of everything else, the weekend guests were treated to a tour of the castle on Saturday morning. Where we learned and saw many interesting things – history, architecture, anecdotes and much more.

We learned that the other door in our bathroom actually was to a servant’s starircase – there were a handful or so of those along with anterooms etc, so that the servants of the castle’s heyday could come and go and see to their chores without unduly disturbing the family and their guests!

And there were bell calls in a lot of the rooms – in fact, in the lower floor down by the kitchen and other practical rooms, there were 31 bells all originally connected to each their room. Each bell had its own tone – so the experienced servants didn’t have to look which room was ringing down, they could hear it.

Often, the rooms had two of the small jandles for the bell call – especially if these were next to the fireplace. Only one worked – the other one was there to create symmetry. For the same reason, a door on one side of the room could well be duplicated in the other side – the second with no function other than balance.

Bonnie Scotland is indeed that – beautiful!

Since You’ve Been Gone – Journey
Real Wild Child – Iggy Pop
Leader Of The Pack – The Shangri-Las
She Bangs – Ricky Martin
Hey Good Lookin’ (Your Place Or Mine?) – Backseat Boys
I’m Gonna Getcha Good – Shania Twain

Photos by me.
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