Monday Motorway Music™, February 20 – Winter Flowers And A Unique Concept


We had winter. Today we’re back at +6°C or something – and rain. Ugh 😦

But while we still had winter last week and it was frosty and sunshiny and cold and everything – we also had an afternoon or two where the sun was doing what the sun does and as you walked around in the sunshine, you knew it was winter but believed that spring would come… 🙂


And this is of course where you get a lot of much needed comfort and confirmation that spring will, eventually, arrive – when the earliest flowers peek their heads over the snow. Erantis and snowdrops. Always so welcome.

How, do I hear people from warmer and sunnier and not halfway as dark places on this Earth ask – how do you manage up there in the dark and cold North?

dsc_7614We emply “hygge”. A quintessentially Danish concept. It involves warmth – physical as well as inter-human. And candles, books, blankets and duvets, food, drinks, whether hot or cold … Not all at once – that would likely be messy and impractical – but always at least some of these parts.

There are many ways to describe this “hygge” thing. Take your pick from the following or make up your own definition 🙂

The music of today probably do not feature high on the “hygge” lists – but, y’know – to wake up on  a Monday morning…

Links 2, 3, 4 – Rammstein
Stairway to Heaven – Heart
Get Over It – The Eagles
Guns and People – Eric Serra

Photos by me.
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