Cobblestone Cooking Music XXXV – Basics: Curry


Up here, it would have been nice with a picture of the dish, wouldn’t it? Something digitally bad happened to it, though – and the leftovers aren’t really photogenic. So, no. Instead, you’re having a picture of fenugreek seeds – hoping that I got the translation of those done right 🙂

  • Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Mighty Quinn
  • Coldplay, Everglow

This story actually starts a little less than a year ago. Or, if you will, in the early 90s…

The 90s version of the story starts with me, in my first commercial job, starting to travel on a regular basis to the UK – more specifically, to the general Glasgow area. As a side effect to that, I soon spoke a decent Glaswegian and to this day loves that accent – I can watch Taggart just to listen to it. But more to the point, the quality and level of Chinese and Indian restaurants were – and probably still are – way better than anything in Copenhagen.

As for the more recent developments, my dear kids gave me a cooking class gift certificate last year for my birthday – at an Indian restaurant.

So – finally – today it was time for trying out curry in the kitchen.

  • New Radicals, You Get What You Give,
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer, She’s Kinda Hot

Curry base: Onions, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic – roughly 10:4:2:1. The tomatoes can easily be the peeled, canned version. Better if they’re somewhat acidic.

Peel and slice things thinly. Get the onions on the pan with oil – they need to get clear and not brown, so stir! When they’re there – add the ginger. Then the garlic, frying well and stirring until it all turns soft and nice and ever so slowly yellow, light brown.

Once things have come that far, add the tomatoes. And continue over medium heat, stirring, until the oil sort starts separating – then it’s time to similarly stir in some plain yoghurt, to the acidic side if you have a choice. And, when that is absorbed and well and ready, blend (optional, I am told).

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That altogether took maybe an hour or so. And here is a good place for a break in the procedure – you can actually make up a decent amount and freeze in portions at this stage.

For the meal itself, I got Basmati rice cooking, then cubed up some chicken breast, added salt & pepper and got that frying. For the curry, I heated up oil on a pan, added cumin, dried chili, coriander seeds and fenugreek seeds (?!), all freshly ground together in the mortar. Carom seeds are apparently essential – didn’t have any – and I forgot the turmeric. Oh well.

  • Wild Cherry, Play That Funky Music
  • R.E.M., Everybody Hurts

Put the spices on the hot pan in the oil and fry – take care not to burn! Add the curry base and heat/stir until it once again starts separating the oil. At this time, some fresh spices can go in – I added a touch of chili and some fresh ginger – garlic could have been an option, too.

  • Dire Straits, Money For Nothing
  • ZZ Top, Tush

Whenever both parts are ready, add the curry to the chicken and serve with the rice. Yum! We had a 75 cl Leffe Blonde in the refrigerator – went well with the food.

Happy cooking!

Photos by me. Fenugreek seeds photo by Sanjay Acharya.


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