Monday Motorway Music™, February 13 – Winter And Advanced Rocketry



Finally – someone might say unfortunately or even ¤%&/¤!!§%&%/ – we had some snow and proper winter. It’s white outside and the thermometer clocked -8°C at home this morning.

dsc_7583I believe I may have said this before – I’m the kind of guy wo likes living in a place with four distinct seasons, so I’m good with this! And it is beautiful, too. More so when the sun is shining – even if high clear skies typically also means low temperatures.

What is the rocketry stuff about, then?

Something I have also mentioned in passing before (ok, admittedly, bragged about before) is that I sometimes manage to win a game of Civilization VI. And yesterday – on the verge of it being today, actually, I squeezed my way through to my first Science Victory playing as Egypt with my Cleopatra getting her (well, our!) rockets to lift off not too much ahead of Arabia and the Aztecs 😀

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If Leaving Me Is Easy – Phil Collins
Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
Lady Marmalade – Christina Aguilera, Pink et al
– and then, due to the sad news of Al Jarreau passing away in the weekend –
Since I Fell For You – Bob JAmes / David Sanborn / Al Jarreau

Photo by me. Civ VI screenshots from iMac.
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