Cobblestone Cooking Music XXXIV – Another One On The Light End



I swear, we haven’t been doing this “light” thing religiously – whether since Christmas or just since post XXXIII. It just so happened…

Anyway, today ended up being light fare with a salad based on what was on the supermarket shelves and a few thoughts in my head – along with some Parma ham and (which is another story) a rosé Cremant de Bourgogne…

  • Celine Dion, Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore
  • Supertramp, My Kind Of Lady

The salad? Finely cut pointed cabbage – must better than the salads you get this time of year that have been driven in greenhouses in Southern Europe and transported here and there and everywhere. Diced avocado (ok, those we don’t have those anywhere near this end of the world – principles go only so far), cucumber, edamame beans and apple.

Whee! The apple is truly local – from the backyard!

  • Aretha Franklin, Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing
  • Melody Gardot, Our Love Is Easy

img_0755And then we had some leftover quite nice bread that I turned into slightly garlicy croutons – remove the crusts, cut into cubes, roast until golden and crisp in olive oil on a pan (I prefer that to in the oven – more control, I feel). Towards the end add a bit of very finely chopped garlic and a wee bit of salt.

  • Fleetwood Mac, Wish You Were Here
  • Trine Rein, Torn

Well, then – just toss the salad, adding a vinaigrette if you wish (I did it on the side as I’m sometimes the only one who wants that – and sometimes, even I don’t).

Rolled up the Parma ham – mostly because the slices were a devil to separate from the sheets in the package and still have them look as whole slices. And served.

  • Katrine Madsen, Just Friends
  • Caroline Henderson, Made In Europe

Happy cooking!

Photo by me.


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