Tuesday Motorway Music™, January 31 – Wintery This And That


Yep, that’s kale. And the white stuff is frost. Was sort of cold over the weekend…

dsc_7554Actually, I have had some other shots in mind out from the garden – but the ones I took at the same occasion as this one turned out not quite passing muster, so that’ll have to wait. Always a good things to have topics queing up for blogging 😉

And, yep – that is leek right there (*points left*). Actually holding up rather well in the cold though, if the frost lasts too long, it can be a devil of a job fetching some for the kitchen.

As to listening, it’s been streamlined, non-random mornings the last two days – I recently re-discovered Marillion’s fantastic “Misplaced Childhood” album.

marillion-misplaced-childhood-2013-lp-1Album track list:

Pseudo Silk Kimono
Bitter Suite
Heart of Lothian
WaterHole (Expresso Bongo)
Lords of the Backstage
Blind Curve
Childhoods End?
White Feather


Photo by me. Album cover via Google.
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2 Responses to Tuesday Motorway Music™, January 31 – Wintery This And That

  1. darth elmo says:

    White feather was such a great track!

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