Monday Motorway Music™, January 16 – Winter Forest Joys



Clear, blue skies – it has turned towards a couple of days with decent weather: sunshine, not much wind if any, frost but not too much of it. Lovely.

We made the best of it yesterday and went for a good long walk in the forest – it is a luxury and joy of mine to have the forest right next door, more or less.

To really just concentrate on the joy of having a walk, all the technological stuff was left at home. And of course I acutely missed the camera at one point – there was a view over a flat wetland against the sun, bulrushes peaking up all over the place, some dead trees also adding character. And to top it all off, a very light smoke haze from a campfire over to one side gave it a stunning atmosphere.


Snapshot of a forest map with a few campfire places marked…

(There is a handful of official campfire/BBQ places scattered across the forest – along with features like mountain bike trails, campsites with and without shelters, those are a quite common feature in Danish forests to allow a larger array of interactions with the terrain and, as a hopeful consequence, a larger audience coming to roam in nature)

She Bangs – Ricky Martin
I Saw Her Standing There – The Beatles
Rock Me Baby – Jomfru Ane Band

Photo by me, map from brochure by Danish Nature Agency
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