Tuesday Motorway Music™, January 10 – Really Back In The Swing Of It


Monday, yesterday, I ended up basically without any time that I could use in front of a computer to write up the weekly column…

Got back from work, went into the house by the front door and locked it behind me, went upstairs to change from work attire into something a bit more down to earth, went back down and out through the backdoor, picking my scout scarf up on the way – and locking that door behind me.

dsc_7531And got back after a – by the way very interesting and uplifting – scout leader meeting about half past ten. No column writing! Just zzz’s.

The weather is now back to plus a few degrees C and gray, dull and wet. But as the photos suggest, we had some decent cold last week – one night had us down to -13°C locally and in the morning sunlight, I caught the ice crystals featured here.

Brrrr! 😉

All That She Wants – Ace Of Base
Mig & Charly – CV Jørgensen
Elsker dig for evigt – Lars H.U.G.
Love Me Like A Man – Bonnie Raitt
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Diana Krall

Photos by me.
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