Cobblestone Cooking Music XXXIII – After Christmas Lighter, Vegetarian Fare

img_0658We don’t do New Year Resolutions in this household. And we actually also know that the problem is not what you eat between Christmas and New Year but what you eat between New Year and Christmas…

So when we decided on going all vegetarian a day last week – it was actually mostly to use up some cream that didn’t find room in the bisque. (Note: vegetarian, not vegan!)

So, a champignon paté.

  • Melissa Etheridge, Rock and Roll Me
  • Robbie Williams (feat. Nicole Kidman), Somethin’ Stupid

img_0655Chop a metric ton of mushrooms. Well, no – not that much, of course, But a lot. Also chop onion, garlic and hazelnuts and mix the whole thing in a large bowl with some thyme.

  • Thin Lizzy, Whisky In The Jar
  • Roxette, Fading Like A Flower

Get a pan going with some oil and fry the vegetable mix in two or three part batches to ensure there is not so much on the pan as to make the temperature drop. Put it back into the bowl (or, progressively, into a new one.)

  • Robbie Wiliams, Let Me Entertain You
  • Styx, Babe

Mix with boiled rice (leftovers from the day before if you are coordinated enough for that), egg, cream, salt and pepper. Fill in a greased form – as you can see above, I use a glass one but a metal/tefal kind of thing works well, too. Bake for about an hour at 200°C. Much umami taste appears!

  • Willie Kent, Born In The Delta
  • Patti Labelle, Lady Marmalade

The side salad in this case is quickly blanched broccoli in small chunks, finely chopped red onion and pomegranate seeds. With raisins on the side because only half of us partake in eating those.

Happy cooking!

Photo by me.


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