Monday Motorway Music™, January 2 – Taking The Time It Takes



Sort of late morning yesterday, on the first day of the sparkling new 2017, and while slowly clearing the table for the visual remains of the previous night’s festivities I first got hold of the camera and snapped a few pictures of the table decorations in daylight and then got to think a little.

One other thing that got me to think was the cooking I did yesterday – a rather simple leftover soup that nevertheless probably took somewhere around fours hours from start to finish.

And I came to think about the countless times that I have heard people say things like –

“that would just never happen”
“how on Earth do you find time for that?”
“we have small kids in the household. You must be joking!”
“that is just too difficult!”

and the like. And you know what? To me, that raises a few comments:

1) There was probably, what, half an hour of hands-on cooking time in that. The rest of the time, the food was just taking care of itself on the stove. Honestly, total time does not equal difficulty level – and total time does not equal the time you need to spend toiling away in the kitchen.

dsc_75232) I’ve heard these things before. Previously, we sometimes bought a large portion of beef (say, 50 kg at the time) from free-range beef cattle. Very, very nice stuff (but with just two of us in the household now, it has sadly become impractical). What we heard was that most people de-selected the really wonderful, taste-loaded parts like breast, brisket, shank, … – and just had it all minced. Apparently, the ability to turn it into a fast spaghetti bolognese or burger patties was more important than variety and taste.

3) What is it that you really need to do to Use Time Optimally™? Four weekly two-hour runs in the forest (equalling eight hours spent alone and not with your family)? I could make up more artificial ideas – but I’m sure you get my drift.

*Deep breath* To me, food is important. Way too important to skimp on and buy doubtful half-ready stuff preferably online so I haven’t even seen it before it lands in my home. And a defining quality for a family for us has always been to have as many as possible of the people living in the household at the breakfast and dinner table together. That time is important. And can you use that time better than to share a meal of some good, well-prepared food – I find that hard to imagine.

Maybe I’m odd. Or old-fashioned. Or both. But then I am so proudly.

Again, a very Happy New Year and the best wishes for 2017
to all of you from all of me!


Poor Man’s Moody Blues – Barclay James Harvest
The Power – SNAP!
You’re The First, The Last, My Everything – Barry White
Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Mama Cass

Photos by me.
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