Tuesday Motorway Music™, December 27 – Between This And That



This Tuesday is actually pretty much a Monday. At least in that yesterday, Monday Dec 26, was “Second Christmas Day” in Denmark and, as such, a national holiday. So the work week started this morning.

It is a very quiet work week – skeleton crews everywhere. Well, everywhere possible of course – retail’s back in force for Christmas gift returns and annual sale kickoffs today and the essential mechanics of society obviously also runs steadily and reliably as ever. Y’know – hospitals, care for the elderly, police, firemen etc. etc. – are all there and ready. For which we should always remember to be grateful!

On my own wee square of turf, spending most of the last two weeks more off than on due to a handy little selection of infections, I’ll spend two of the four days this week at work instead of, as intended, as days off. But hey – at least I get two days of enjoying morning motorways with just about no traffic whatsoever!

And the picture at the top is just about me having made the most of all that downtime and arriving at my first Civ VI win 😀

A very Happy New Year and the best wishes for 2017
to all of you from all of me!

Kissing A Fool – George Michael
Cose Della Vita/Can’t Stop Thinking Of you – Eros Ramazotti/Tina Turner
Clair de Lune, Ballerina – Styx
Tæt på – Malurt
Læg dig ind under himlen – Miss B. Haven

Screenshot by me.
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1 Response to Tuesday Motorway Music™, December 27 – Between This And That

  1. Yes, I also think you should be much more grateful!
    Liebe Grüße Monika

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