Monday Motorway Music™, December 5 – Just A Regular Old Monday



A nice decor from a relaxed evening some time last week in Madrid, Spain…

That was – I must admit, luckily – the last of my travels here and now. Three trips in 8 work days, even for me, is tightening the screw a wee bit much. All of 1½ week of peace and quiet until the next one – more on that later.

The weekend, actually, was an away thing, too. My wife kindly – and fairly – reminded me that away is away from the family point of view. But at least is was a nice “destressing” kind of away – the Scout Troop’s annual and very traditional Christmas Camp weekend.


1:25000 map (squares are 1 km sized) of the route

About 30 scouts and the full troop leadership – six of us – with a programme that included a 12-14 km evening/night hike with both orienteering challenges and codes and other puzzles to solve as well as a “scary” post where the scouts one by one had to follow a short circular route marked with rather tiny chemical glow light markers with only a regular-sized glow light stick to provide lighting along the way instead of their regular, trusted headlamps. All in a lovely Danish December night with clear skies, lots of stars, a very thin sliver of a moon,very little wind and down to about -5°C.

All made it through, including the ones that stubbornly battled their way to the end despite being tired or, in a few cases, hurting a bit from a slightly over-used hip or ankle. (In those cases, we had cars standing by and actually lifted their backpacks off them so as to make things safe).

Bot today is 100% back to normal – in the office, busy busy, calls and Emails, meetings and what have you. Nice for a change 😉

You Shook Me All Night Long – AC/DC
TVC 15 – David Bowie
Boogie Down – Al Jarreau
Celebration – Kool & The Gang
Hold The Line – Toto
Horny ’98 – Mousse T vs Hot ‘n’ Juicy
All Around The World – Lisa Stansfield

Photo & screenshot by me.
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