CFR Notes – Making Rookie Mistakes and Getting Away With It

d8-30-11-2016-15-13-07So, there we were, in good time – a colleague and me – in Madrid Bajaras airport, Terminal 2, with an hour and some until we should fly home. The trip back was Plan B, so to speak – we had a Lufthansa flight cancelled due to the ongoing strikes and the travel agency had done its wizardry and got us booked home on Norwegian, direct. Fine! Lufthansa had done as well as possible under the circumstances and given us plenty of advance warning that the cancellation would occur.

But flying Norwegian left us in a no-status situation, in frequent-flyer terms, so we bought some lunch and sat down and had a struggle with the regular wifi in the airport. Apparently, terminal 4 is a lot nicer – I’ll have to say that T2 is nothing worth writing home about.

We discussed a bit when boarding would be – and then I got up to find the “aseos” and, on my way back, checked the screen to verify that the gate that TripIt had informed me about was still valid. It was – but it also informed me that the flight was boarding! Uaks.

2016-12-01-10-42-50The root cause of our mistake, I think, was that Norwegian states departure time on the boarding cards, unlike most everyone else who seems to be more user-oriented and puts boarding time there.
Hey, Norwegian: Your boarding card stands out enough by being so red – I see no need for you to differentiate also on standard information-giving… 😉

Turned out, we were sitting at gate D-sixtysomething and our plane was boarding at C31. Now, C31 was 6-7-8 min quite fast walking away – and that is a fair bit of time when you have seen the “boarding” flash on the monitors…! So, as a result, the monitor at the gate did say “last call” when we came around the corner there.

Next issue: My passport? At the time of writing, in seat 8C onboard D8 6112, I do very much hope that my theory holds up* and it is in the inner pocket of my suit jacket, which is bundle wrapped and cinched down in my carry-on bag. The nice lady at the gate let me through on my driver’s license 🙂

On board, overhead bin space was of course very scarce as we boarded so late. My bag got stashed four rows behind me – and my colleague’s finally found a place way down at the back somewhere. Yes, it’ll mean a bit of hassle once we are back on the ground and have to disembark. But at least our mistakes didn’t get us left behind!

  • Update: It did…!
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