(Monday) Motorway Music™, October 11 – Catching Up on an Off-day



Kept myself a little too busy yesterday for sitting down to write this – and when, finally, in the evening I theoretically had time, I also basically had run out of creative energy. And, to boot, I had no actual photo at hand – so the shot above is a throwback to the wonders of Serengeti from earlier this year.

The tiredness may have related to the start of an acupuncture treatment yesterday (to help with soreness from a beginning osteoarthritis in a wrist). Whenever my trusted acupuncturist starts “fixing me to the mattress” (as she once joked – gasp!) with needles, the system reacts in several ways.

I had actually a Monday topic in mind – that will now wait for another day. But to seed your mind: What was my first concert – and what is the list of bands I have heard live?

(As a side bonus, pushing that topic out will allow me some more time to dig through my brain to try and populate the list…)

The Heart of Rock and Roll – Huey Lewis & The News
The Boy from New York City – Darts
The Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
Missionary Man – Eurythmics
Dressed for Success – Roxette

Photo by me.
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