Monday Motorway Music™, October 3 – Around in the Danish Countryside



Arriving at Århus Havn mid-Monday

Yeah, yeah yeah – I know it’s not Monday anymore. But as the post is about Monday and as Monday was really, like really!, motorway-ish, I’ll stick with the title. And if you pursue it further, I’ll plead artistic freedom. So there! 😉

Lots of motorways and even a ferry! Had a meeting in Denmark’s second largest city and, following that, had decided to take the opportunity to drive home via some of my family for a rare opportunity to have a few hours with them.

And Denmark isn’t larger than that – you can go over there and back in a day rather easily. Unless, of course, you remember that Greenland – up and over there, next to the US – is Danish territory as well. Then you’d want more days, surely.

And in the weekend, we had a lovely trip to Agersø, in the middle – more or less – of Denmark: A small island in Storebælt (Great Belt), the strait that separates the islands of Sjælland (Zealand) and Fyn (Funen). In contrast to most of the rest of Denmark, we had beautiful autumn weather and a generally enjoyable time. And saw cows* with lovely, fuzzy ears 🙂


Better Off (Live) – Haim
Honey – Velvet Volume
Rette Mich – Nena
Horny ’98 – Mousse T vs Hot ‘n’ Juicy
Rough Boy – ZZ Top
I Can See Clearly Now – Johnny Nash
La Vie en Rose – Grace Jones
I Touch Myself – Divinyls
Hot Rod Heart – John Fogerty
Last Train to London – ELO

*  Technically cattle as there were bulls as well as cows. And calves and heifers by the look of it. Galloway if you’re the sort that likes to know what breed. And hereby endeth the mooh lecture…

Photos by me.
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