Cobblestone Cooking Music XXIX – A Craving for Chocolate


There are days like that 🙂

But apart from that, the whole thing started because I used a couple of egg yolks yesterday – to serve with a smoked mackarel, but that’s a whole other story. Egg whites = meringues. Combine with the mentioned chocolate need and … dessert.

Dessert menu, then: My chocolate mousse – plus the meringues and, in all likelihood, a glass of port.

  • Andrew Sisters, Rum & Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix)
  • Daft Punk, One More Time

Whisk egg whites until they are about stiff. Then gradually add sugar – add, whisk, add, whisk (you get it) – until they are quite stiff. Add a few drops of vinegar (whatever food vinegar you have handy) and whisk on for another, say, five minutes.

  • Cher, The Shoop Shoop Song
  • Infernal, A to the B

… Swirls!

Mix in a bit of unsweetened, real cocoa and gently blend in some melted, somewhat cooled chocolate – don’t mix too much as we’re going for swirls.

  • Kim Carnes, Bette Davis Eyes
  • Donna Summer, On The Radio

Using a spoon, put them on a baking plate covered with baking paper. Aim for … 5-6 cm ( 2″ or so) across. Bake at 100°C for an hour and let cool in the oven for another hour with the oven door ever so slightly open.

  • Earth, Wind & Fire, Boogie Wonderland
  • Bee Gees, Tragedy
Photo by me.
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