Monday Motorway Music™, August 15 – Those Other German Cars

2016-07-30 06.16.03


The photo is, once again, utterly unrelated to anything else in this post – it is a sunrise as shot from a long-distance bus somewhere near to the Switzerland-France-Germany border triangle during my summer vacation.

It was also morning this morning. “No sh**, Sherlock”, I seem to hear you say – but the point is that a few other drivers made it much less of a serene experience. So being morning was the major part these two different mornings had in common.

I have previously ranted about BMWs. This morning, the prize went to the Audi team. First and foremost to the guy who started out zooming past me with 70+ km/h in a 50-zone. Of course, he was impatiently waiting at the next red light, a few hundred meters further down.

Because I didn’t have to stop there due to excellent timing (*smug smile*), I passed him – right until he accelerated on the inside of me, cut out in front of me because a lorry took up his lane – and promptly had to brake in front of me because the light he couldn’t see for the lorry was red.

What the – and sorry about not using asterisks this time – actual fuck?

A piece of advice or two and a useful piece of information, mister Bad Driver:

  • That sort of driving is what actually gets people killed in traffic (yeah, you were likely doing 75, when you illegally overtook on the inside)
  • That sort of driving can be completely avoided by getting up in time in the morning – or, if you will, by learning to be too late
  • Your car has four rings on it. The Olympic Games sports five. And, by the way, do not include motorsports. So just drop it, ok?

More Than A Woman – Angie Stone
When I Kissed the Teacher – ABBA
Where Blue Begins – Sanne Salomonsen
Killing Me Softly – The Fugees
Månestråle – Sinne Eeg
After the Love Has Gone – Earth, Wind & Fire
Kloden drejer stille rundt – Gasolin’
The Windmills of Your Mind – Sinne Eeg
Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac
The Boy From Ipanema – Diana Krall

Photo by me.
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