Tuesday Motorway Music™, August 9 – Thinking About Scarcity

Billede 03-08-2016 10.54.57

Came back to work yesterday after three lovely weeks of vacation. In fact, my mind had relaxed to a point where I couldn’t recall my passport number when I needed it at some point – something that normally never, ever happens 😉

The photo above is from a glacier in the Swiss Alps – one we were fortunate to walk down. Achievement unlocked: being on and crossing a glacier!

But – as you can see, it is not quite the solid block of ice anymore. Walking on it felt more like softice – very soft and thawing snow. (Which also meant that I made Bambi on ice look like a ice-skating pro – man, I slid and slipped and tumbled around in it…)

And that is the status of glaciers in many places. Ever shrinking, ever more scarce.

That thought made me think of rhinos. Same problem, just in a different way. They’re not melting, they’re killed in too big numbers for sustainability due to especially Chinese people’s stupidity.

I’ve been lucky to experience these two ever more scarce phenomena. If you’d like to – start planning. Don’t wait for retirement or whatever – if you can, then go!

(And yes, that is, at the bottom of it, a sad story…)

Shout Now – Melissa Etheridge
Car Wash – Rose Royce
The Great Gig In The Sky – Pink Floyd
Guns And People – Eric Serra
You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King
Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Gloria Gaynor
5 Minutes Past Loneliness – The Sandmen – City Boy

Photo by me.
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